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Global Politics Has Changed After Benefit and Donald Trump, “Africa Leaders are Warned”

Liberating Power Of Brexit
Liberating Power Of Brexit

Fellow comrades,

I have been on the road having no space to contribute to the important issues of our continent and motherland Malawi.

On this short note I would like to accuse politicians who when pestered they go on the platform to start roaring as Lions and begin to threaten that they will reveal thieves and corrupt moguls. This is the stupid peak of politics for we listen to them when they lie this way. Recently Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima threatened to reveal the people in construction industry that are involved in corruption. In South Africa too Jacob Zuma just defended himself that he knows who is stealing state funds.

For leaders to be speaking this way while citizens of Africa are in dire straits is abomination. Our leaders are making fool of themselves. It was in the 1990s and beyond when we were fooled with political rhetoric about going to exile to fight for our freedom when in true sense you went there for your own freedom because if you really went into the struggle for the freedom of every one of us why are the oppressors still oppressing us yet you have joined them in mainstream economy with fat bank accounts? Whites are still oppressing and Africans are still living apartheid while you moved into Tuhnuyus palace and Union buildings.

In Malawi Saulos Chilima is lying to all of us, it is common knowledge that if you come across crime scene the humanely thing that Ubuntu demands is to report crime but if you observe or see crime and you hide it automatically mean that you are part of the crime hence your muteness. Mr. Chilima must not lie to Malawi he is presiding a government led by a thief, chief corruptor and a liar he has no right to try to fool us about DPP government, we see everything they do and soon the wooden spoon will judge the way of dishing in 2019 or so.

Africans are not fools. The British have taught us a big lesson, Americans just spiced our feelings therefore no leader, no government can fool us no longer.

Brexit and Donald Trump election is bringing in Global truth from the deceptions and distortions of Globalization.

Watch out all corrupt and thieving politicians who steals from the poor.


Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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