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Outrage as middle-aged woman in Tanzania rapes 8 year- old boy

There is outrage in Tanzania after a middle-aged woman was found to have raped an eight-year-old boy. The woman is also accused of infecting the boy with sexually transmitted diseases. Desderia Mbwelwa, 57, has been sentenced to 29 years in prison at a court on Friday but details of the verdict have not been widely reported until now. On the… Read More
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DRC’s education minister impregnates his deputy

Some citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) have taken to social media to express their disgust over reports of Education Minister impregnating his deputy. Several newspapers are reporting that the Congo minister of Primary Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Tony Mwaba Kazadi has impregnated his Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia. The reports suggest that the minister claims it was an… Read More
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Why Namibia has banned prison officers from having tattoos

Namibian prison authorities have announced a ban on recruitment of officers who have tattoos on their bodies. Persons with visible tattoos on their skins would no longer get the chance to join the service, local media has reported. According to officials the measure is to protect the image of the prisons following concerns that certain tattoos worn by prison officers may… Read More
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Africa’s top 10 happiest countries

The list of the world’s happiest countries has been released for 2022 and Mauritius occupies the top position in Africa. The ranking of the world’s happiest countries looks at the nations where people enjoy the highest levels of well-being and satisfaction. The World Happiness Report, uses statistical analysis to determine the world’s happiest countries. The ranking considers a range of economic,… Read More
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Woman to refund $80k for not marrying lover who paid her fees

For refusing to marry her lover who had sponsored her education, a woman has now been ordered to refund shillings 9.4 million (about $80,000). A court in Uganda gave the order for Fortunate Kyarikunda to refund the money when she backed out of marrying Richard Tumwine who had paid her school fees. Kyarikunda is also expected to pay legal costs… Read More
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Kenya top court rules that divorcing couples don’t have equal rights to assets

Kenya’s Supreme Court has ruled that divorcing couples are not automatically entitled to 50 per cent share of matrimonial property. The landmark ruling seems to have now settled a very contentious issues in Kenya’s Family Law, local media reported. According to the judges, the 50:50 formula is not absolutely, applicable during divorce and that each party should now leave the… Read More
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Zambians asked to stop spying on phones of their spouses

Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema has asked citizens to stop spying on the phones of their spouses. The country recorded over 22,000 divorce cases last year alone, statistics that President Hichilema is unhappy with. Statistics from the last 12 months showed the shortest marriage in the country lasted for 30 days while the longest was 65 years. Leading the reasons for… Read More
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Man runs 90km marathon to propose to a woman

– – A South African man decided to run a 90km marathon as a sign of his love to a woman he desires to marry. The 57-year-old man, identified as Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu went the extra mile to prove his love for this woman. His action has set online users on a frenzy with his action trending on social media.… Read More
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Chad introduces fines for those who reject marriage proposals

Rejecting a marriage proposal isn’t an option any longer for people in Chad. Such an act could attract a fine henceforth. In Mangalmé in north-eastern Chad, people who reject marriage proposals must now pay a fine, known as “amchilini”. The region’s Higher Islamic Council ruled that the figure be between $23 and $39 for women and $15 for men. The… Read More
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Baby lounger: a comfortable haven for your infant

– – A baby lounger is a cushion or nest that hugs and supports your baby. These devices can soothe and relax your baby while allowing you to multitask or just take a break. You also can position a play gym over the lounger to stimulate your infant’s visual exploration. A baby lounger comes in the form of a cushion that can provide… Read More