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Social media blamed for high divorce cases in Zambia

– Advertisement – Some Zambians have cited social media as one of the main reasons a lot of marriages are breaking down, in the wake of alarmingly high levels of divorce in the country. In the past 5 years, over 61, 000 divorces have been granted in local courts, according to the country’s justice minister, Given Lubinda, who said in parliament, recently, that social media abuse was one of the causes. “Madam Speaker, indeed, there were many more divorce petitions that were granted through local courts than were granted through…

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Kenyan woman ‘ridiculed’ for marrying disabled man

– Advertisement – A Kenyan woman, Susan Njogu Eling has spoken about how she was ridiculed for her decision to marry a disabled Australian man. Susan Njogu Eling three years ago married Philip Eling who was born with muscular dystrophy – a disease that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Susan told the BBC that she was called a gold-digger for her decision to marry her husband after photos of their wedding were shared online. The Kenyan first moved to Australia and enrolled for a diploma in working…

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Some bad and unromantic attitudes of African couples

– Advertisement – Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed by couples until death separates them. That means for the rest of their lives husbands and wives will have to do a lot to hold that marriage firmly and enjoyable. But in Africa many believe not many couples are able to secure a happy marriage because of some attitudes considered unromantic. Here are some of those attitudes some believe are bad and not helpful in sparking some romance in marriages among African couples. 1). Many marriages are just for sleeping and…

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Why older women seek love with young men in Gambia

– Advertisement – These thrill-seeking grannies are young at heart . . . and in the loins. A new documentary that premiered last night in the UK reports on a new tourism trend seeing older European women traveling to West African country Gambia for love and sex with younger men. In turn, the aspirational Gambian men may often receive gifts of tens of thousands of dollars for their company. British broadcaster Seyi Rhodes, host of the special on BBC’s Channel 4 network titled “Sex on the Beach,” described the Gambian nightlife scene…

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The Moroccan journalist jailed for ‘having abortion’

A Moroccan journalist Hajar Raissouni has been jailed for a year by a court for allegedly having an “illegal” abortion. Raissouni, 28 was also accused of having sexual relations outside of her marriage, Al Jazeera reported. Her Sudanese fiance and gynaecologist have also been jailed one and two-years, respectively over the issue. But an anaesthetist and medical assistance who were allegedly involved in carrying out the abortion were given suspended sentences of a year and eight months, respectively. The journalist was arrested on August 31 this year while leaving a…

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Tanzania: Man dies proposing to girlfriend underwater

An American man Steven Weber was on holiday in Tanzania with his girlfriend, Kenesha Antoine when he decided to do something different to show his love. Weber decided to propose to Kenesha Antoine underwater at the Manta Resort, off Pemba Island. But he never emerged from under the water.  Footage shows Weber diving under water to ask Ms Antoine to marry him. Weber is seen in a footage Weber pressing a hand-written proposal note against the cabin window as Ms Antoine films from inside. Ms Antoine, confirming Mr Weber’s death in…

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Five unsuspected benefits of massage therapy

Massage is often associated with a moment of relaxation and relaxation, but the benefits of massage therapy are much greater than one might imagine. This ancient practice comes from Eastern countries, it is found first in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. As medical research progresses, its effectiveness on the human body has continued to be demonstrated. To experience a beautiful massage then your right spot will be. What Are The Benefits Of Massage? Reducing Stress Fatigue and tension are symptoms of stress, they accumulate in the body to seriously affect…

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