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Serena Williams reveals why she has a big butt

Tennis super star, Serena Williams has revealed why she has a big butt in a tweet. The American is often admired by some of her fans for her physical outlook including her butt. On Monday Williams said in a tweet that she may have found why her butt is that big. The secret according to her could be from the eating of popcorn. She said in a tweet that “I think popcorn is making my butt bigger”. I think popcorn is making my butt bigger. ?? — Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)…

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Five unsuspected benefits of massage therapy

Massage is often associated with a moment of relaxation and relaxation, but the benefits of massage therapy are much greater than one might imagine. This ancient practice comes from Eastern countries, it is found first in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. As medical research progresses, its effectiveness on the human body has continued to be demonstrated. To experience a beautiful massage then your right spot will be. What Are The Benefits Of Massage? Reducing Stress Fatigue and tension are symptoms of stress, they accumulate in the body to seriously affect…

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