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Religion and relationships top podcast charts in Ghana on Spotify

– – Podcasts have become a beloved pastime for many people around the globe, and data shows that Ghana is joining the trend. Since launching in the West African nation, Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, has noticed a keen interest in podcasts among Ghanaians. So what exactly are Ghanaians streaming in terms of podcasts? Spotify is excited to reveal the top podcasts in Ghana over the last 90 days. At number 1 is Sincerely Accra — a firm favourite among podcast listeners in the country. Interestingly,…

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Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage being blackmailed over her sex tape

“I am that crazy I could put it out myself – you are not making any money off me,” she said. But the singer is worried about the impact of this incident on her six-year-old son from her previous relationship. – – “I am going to talk to him and for me it is even later on when he’s about 15 and someone is trying to be rude to him… I just have to brace him up,” she said. Sourced from Africa Feeds

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Accountability Music Awards opens nominations for 2021

– – Nominations have officially opened for the 2021 Accountability Music Awards (AMAs). The 2021 AMAs are a collaboration between Accountability Lab, the ONE Campaign and the African Union to honour African musicians whose music calls out the vice of corruption or advocates for good governance through the fight against corruption. By providing a platform for conscious musicians, the AMAs aim to galvanise citizens in demanding greater transparency and accountability from institutions, corporations and the African citizenry. The campaign also recognises the critical role that music can play in getting…

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Has digital killed the radio star?

– – Did you know that the first radio commercial aired in the USA on 28 August 1922? Now, close to 100 years later, brands are still reaching audiences via this medium.  Digital audio has disrupted the space with a richer, immersive experience. Carla Harrison, Spotify Sales Manager at Ad Dynamo – Africa’s leading media sales house (and Spotify’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa) – says, “If you think about sound, it’s a sensory experience that impacts your mood and mindset. Brands are now considering this in terms of how and…

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Ghana: Move to stop consumption of cats and dogs sparks outrage

– – There is a raging controversy over a move to ban the trade in cats and dogs for human consumption. An International Animal Rights Activist, Natasha Choolun, has petitioned the Government of Ghana to ban the trade in cat and dog meat for human consumption. “Dogs and cats are not food, but loyal companion animals that should be treated with kindness and respect, not brutalised and eaten,” she said in a petition. The petition noted that the trade in dogs and cats is widespread across African countries, making them unattractive…

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Sierra Leonean activist launches second book for kids

– – After the success of her first book, “Adama Loves Akara,” Vickie Remoe has written “A Print for Ami,” the second book in a children’s series that promotes African culture and early reading. While the first book focused on short /a/ vowel sounds, book two introduces young readers to short vowel /i/ with words like pins, shins, and tin. Parents and early childhood educators use the books to teach phonics. “Even after 3 years of schooling, most children in Sierra Leone cannot read and understand simple text in English,”…

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Ivory Coast TV presenter sentenced for promoting rape

– – The popular Ivorian television presenter suspended for asking a guest on his show to simulate rape has now been sentenced by a court. Yves de M’Bella received a 12-month suspended sentence for what prosecutors say was the promotion of rape. The court fined him $3,600 and placed a ban on him from leaving the country’s main city, Abidjan. De M’Bella had asked his guest to demonstrate a rape using a female mannequin, an incident that attracted criticisms from viewers and social media users. He even at a point…

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Ivorian TV presenter suspended for asking guest to simulate rape

– – A television presenter in Ivory Coast has been suspended for asking a convicted rapist he invited onto his show to simulate a rape. Yves de Mbella had asked his guest to demonstrate a rape using a female mannequin, an incident that attracted criticisms from viewers and social media users. De Mbella even at a point of the show helped the guest adjust the mannequin and asked him how he chooses his victims, whether he preferred them “slim or fat” and whether the victims “enjoyed it”. Ivory Coast’s independent…

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Nairobi bans spitting in public, blowing nose without handkerchief

– – It is now an offence to spit in public and blow your nose without a handkerchief in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. The latest bans are part of new measures approved by the city’s governor which also covers the playing of loud music in public spaces. The Nairobi authorities consider all these acts public nuisance and want to prohibit them. The sweeping measures are meant to bring sanity to the city and also keep it clean and attractive. Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu said the city must be “clean…

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Ghana: Anglican Church probes priest for kissing female students

– – The Anglican Church of Ghana has condemned an incident in which a priest allegedly kissed some female students. It follows a viral video in which Father Obeng Larbi was captured kissing three students of the St. Monica’s College of Education in the Ashanti region. The video shows the priest on stage inviting the three students for a mouth-to-mouth kiss, one after the other, after directing the students to drop their face masks for the kiss. According to a student, Father Obeng Larbi during a service last Sunday decided to kiss…

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