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Sweden is not holding a ‘sex championship’

There were reports these past couple of weeks about Sweden holding a sex competition which was to take place on June 8.

But it turns out not to be the case with Sweden’s sports authorities denying those reports.

The Times of India, one of India’s most popular and reputable newspapers had carried a report that read that “Sweden Will Soon Host the European Sex Championship.”

According to the report, Sweden has officially recognized sex as a sport and was to determine who’s best at it.

The said competition was to have contestants engage in daily sex encounters lasting up to six hours.

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The competition which was then reported to be planned for June 8 in the city of Gothenburg caught the attention of a lot of people.

But the Anna Setzman, spokesperson for the Swedish Sports Confederation told DW that “All this information is false.”

She added that “Right now, false information is being spread in some international media about Sweden and Swedish sports,” she added.

A sex federation was said to be behind the well promoted event but Setzman said “There is no sex federation that is a member of the Swedish Sports Confederation.”

The so-called sex federation though said “it’s a shame that SSF (Swedish Sex Federation) was not helped by the 2 billion Swedish kronor allocated (by the Swedish government) to registered sports organizations.”

The Swedish man named Dragan Bratic who is behind the entire story told DW that “the Swedish Sex Federation finances the entire European Championship with its own funds and with its own voluntary work.”

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