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I Suspect My Wife Is Having an Affair With My Dad

– – According to my mother, I was five when she left my dad. My dad was terribly irresponsible. He had other women he spent his money on and spent most of his days drunk to stupor. At some point, my mom decided, “What’s the point of living with a drunk who doesn’t take care of his family?” So one day, she gathered a little of what she had and left the house while my father was away drinking. If she ever thought that my dad would run after her,…

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Father of 100 who finds pleasure in more kids and wives

A 94-year-old Uganda who has over hundred children still wants to give birth to extra kids, saying he finds pleasure in that. Nulu Ssemakula according to the Daily Monitor has married new four wives with his youngest wife aged 24 years. Ssemakula’s youngest child is 10 months old and he wants to have more. Currently living with 66 of his young children, some of Ssemakula’s children have grandchildren, making him a great grandfather. Despite the large number of children the Ugandan says he still hopes to have more children and…

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Uganda: Father beats daughter to death over food

Police in Uganda have arrested a father from the Mukono District who allegedly beat his daughter to death for eating his food. The man, Isma Ssesangahe is reported to have been outraged after finding out that his food packed from a party had been eaten by his children. Ssesanga reportedly returned from a neighbour’s party with packed food. He briefly went out of the house and returned around 9pm local time on Sunday. The man then directed the children to bring the food so that he serves them but he…

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