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Uganda: Father beats daughter to death over food

Police in Uganda have arrested a father from the Mukono District who allegedly beat his daughter to death for eating his food.

The man, Isma Ssesangahe is reported to have been outraged after finding out that his food packed from a party had been eaten by his children.

Ssesanga reportedly returned from a neighbour’s party with packed food.

He briefly went out of the house and returned around 9pm local time on Sunday.

The man then directed the children to bring the food so that he serves them but he was told by the kids that they had already eaten it.

Out of anger he assaulted his own children, two other boys and the deceased.

Ssesanga was arrested by the police after his 10-year-old daughter, died on Sunday night following the ordeal.

Police spokesperson ASP Luke Owoyesigyire was quoted by the Daily Monitor to have said that the suspect first beat up his two sons before pouncing on the deceased.

But the suspect according to the police claimed his daughter died trying to run away from being beaten although residents narrated a different story.

They claimed the suspect assaulted the young girl killing her on the spot.

Police say investigations are still ongoing while the suspect remains in detention.


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