Australian troops remember Kibeho massacre in Rwanda

“The killing just went on and on right in front of us. None were spared, not even the babies on their mother’s backs.” It’s been 20 years since Terry Pickard witnessed the Kibeho massacre in Rwanda. It is, to this day, something that affects his life. “At least twice a week I have nightmares which wake me up,” he writes… Read More

Rwandan Diplomat in Great Turmoil

By: Jennifer Fierberg Olivier Nduhungirehe’s true nature has been exposed. (Photo: L-The late Patrick Karegeya, R- Olivier Nduhungirehe) (WASHINGTON, DC) – Hostile exchanges erupted earlier this week between the Rwandan Permanent Representative to the United Nations and his former friends as compromising confidences appeared in the social media networks. A series of Olivier Nduhungirehe’s emails that were written between the… Read More