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The Karegeya Children: His living message of hope and love

Every year the Karegeya family gather with family and friends to remember the life and loss of their patriarch, Patrick Karegeya. Patrick lived a complicated life of politics and security. In the end, he was away from his family for many years due to the dangerousness of his situation. Patrick’s wife, Leah Karegeya lives in the United States along with… Read More


Written by Michel MUSHIMIYIMANA Rwanda’s recent constitutional change through the engineered referendum by the ruling party, Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), has strongly reverberated Rwandans and the international community in general. Surely, for most of the Rwandans, especially young ones, this amendment has become a nightmare as it allows the incumbent authoritarian ruler; President Paul Kagame nicknamed “The Monster” to run… Read More


Patrick Karegeya.France24 South African police have arrested one of its members accused of in exchange for bribes, tampering or attempting to tamper with evidence in major criminal cases. Among these issues, there is the Karegeya case, the name of the former head of foreign intelligence in Rwanda murdered in a large Johannesburg hotel on December 31, 2013. For the family of… Read More

South Africa to probe spy cables leak

. View photo Rwanda’s former army chief Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa walks into court in Johannesburg, South Africa, on June 21, 2012 (AFP Photo/Alexander Joe)   Johannesburg (AFP) – South Africa has launched an investigation into the leak of espionage secrets to an international television news channel and a British newspaper, the state security minister said Wednesday.   “A full investigation… Read More

Brothers kill brothers, Remembering Patrick Karegeya

By Jennifer Fierberg Just over a year ago, Patrick Karegeya was murdered in an upscale hotel in South Africa. He was found strangled under suspicious circumstances with a trail of clues that leave few questions in discovering the perpetrator of this crime.  There was no money taken from the victim, no valuables were missing from the hotel or his home… Read More

“Your silence gives consent”

By Jennifer Fierberg There are no words that can provide comfort to someone who has experienced profound loss. Mere attempts at platitudes and words of solace can never fill a void so big it cannot be measured.  However, sitting with Leah Karegeya, one knows they are in the presence of strength, courage, power and a woman filled with God’s love. … Read More

Is DePaul University the best cover for an agent of the Rwandan Government?

By: Jennifer Fierberg President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is known to use many forms of public relations mediums throughout the world in order to boost the image of Rwanda and highlight the remarkable progress that the country has made in the development sector since the 1994 genocide. He has been invited to many universities to speak on growth and development… Read More

Patrick Karegeya: Mysterious death of a Rwandan exile

Col Patrick Karegeya’s death served as a stark warning to exiled Rwandan dissidents. PHOTO | FILE  A murdered former Rwandan intelligence chief was advising South African and Tanzanian intelligence as they prepared to send troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo to battle the Rwandan-backed rebel group M23, BBC has learned. On New Year’s Eve, Rwanda’s former chief of external… Read More

Why SA should suspend diplomatic relations with Rwanda

By David Himbara   Justice Minister Jeff Radebe said on March 12 South Africa had evidence linking the three expelled Rwandan diplomats to “illegal activities.”  The activities in question included yet another attack on the exiled former Rwandan army chief of staff Kayumba Nyamwasa. There is nothing new about Rwanda’s illegal activities in foreign countries, including South Africa. The initial… Read More

“A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time”

Interview with Portia Karegeya on the death of her father Patrick Karegeya By: Jennifer Fierberg In the wake of extreme tragedy is one rarely able to articulate their emotions let alone answer questions about the loss that has torn through their family. Patrick Karegeya, former head spy chief for President Paul Kagame and founding member of the Rwandan opposition group… Read More