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South African police have arrested one of its members accused of in exchange for bribes, tampering or attempting to tamper with evidence in major criminal cases. Among these issues, there is the Karegeya case, the name of the former head of foreign intelligence in Rwanda murdered in a large Johannesburg hotel on December 31, 2013. For the family of the Rwandan opposition, which is still waiting for justice is made, the news of the arrest of the agent of forensics and its harmful role in the case is the final straw.

South African police are well annoyed  after this new revelation, and tries by all means to justify himself: ”  It was the expert on fingerprints, so he has to go to the scene, identify all the fingerprints that it can find and send them with his report to the team conducting the investigation. But that’s not what he did. This report was still in his office, that we do not understand is why he did not pass. This is what we will try to determine our internal investigation. But I think basically that this case is not bad for Karegeya case. Investigators will finally be able to receive this report and move forward  , “says Solomon Makgale, spokesman for the South African police.

The policeman was recently denounced in the context of another case, but for 14 months, the team leading  the investigation into the murder of Karegeya  n ‘therefore been no report on the fingerprints. An item which nevertheless constitutes an important contribution to such an inquiry. For the police spokesman, officers in charge of Karageya file had more than once alerted to the absence of the report: ”  They found it strange and have raised this issue several times. But he never responded to these requests. Remember, people can find lots of reasons for not providing a police report. But most important is that this man was arrested, he will be prosecuted and that the evidence will be forwarded to investigators.  “

For the family, it is the story too. David Batenga, nephew  of Patrick Karegeya , is disillusioned after this new development: ”  It has been 14 months now and we say to the South African government, justice and the investigation team that we can not wait. We collapsed the way things have happened in recent months. We are unhappy with the way the survey was conducted. We thought last year that a year later we would have the opportunity to mourn, but things are getting worse. I do not think there’s really any ill will on the part of the South African authorities. What puts me off is that there is an invisible hand or say external forces, which I will not name, trying to sabotage this.  “

Source: RFI (translated from French)

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