Rwandan Diplomat in Great Turmoil

By: Jennifer Fierberg Olivier Nduhungirehe’s true nature has been exposed. (Photo: L-The late Patrick Karegeya, R- Olivier Nduhungirehe) (WASHINGTON, DC) – Hostile exchanges erupted earlier this week between the Rwandan Permanent Representative to the United Nations and his former friends as compromising confidences appeared in the social media networks. A series of Olivier Nduhungirehe’s emails that were written between the… Read More

Memorial service held for Patrick Karegeya the former Rwandan spy chief

The family of a former Rwandan intelligence chief found dead in a Johannesburg hotel held a memorial service for the ex-spymaster turned critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Patrick Karegeya's family and colleagues in an opposition coalition accuse Kagame of ordering his assassination. A week ago, Rwanda's foreign minister said her government had no sympathy for the slain former spy... Read More

“In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”-Orwell

By: Jennifer Fierberg Kigali working hard to divide and confuse the opposition The murder of Patrick Karegyea of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) has left the political opposition as well as Rwandans in the diaspora who support them raw yet determined. His murder continues to be investigated by the South African Police who have refused to comment on an open… Read More

Arrest of Rwanda’s Director General of National Security Service

By: Jennifer Fierberg The Director General of the National Security Service in Rwanda, Emmanuel Karenzi Karake has been placed under arrest in an undisclosed facility in Rwanda. Sources held in Rwanda state he was arrested due to frequent and high volume of unexplained phone traffic between him the slain Patrick Karegeya. Lieutenant General Karenzi Karake joined the RPF in the… Read More


Mr. Douglas E. Coe The Fellowship 1271 Washington Avenue San Leandro,CA 94577 USA 28th December, 2013 Dear Mr. Coe, Re: Ending the Crisis in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region through Dialogue On behalf of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) I am writing to inform you that the current situation in Rwanda is one of those that ought to be… Read More

Petition to Development Aid Partners of Rwanda and President of the United States

On January 1st 2014, the body of a Rwandan opposition leader Patrick Karegeya, was found in Michelangelo Towers Hotel (Johannesburg, South Africa), strangled to death with a rope and towels. The prime suspect is a known Rwandan national believed to be in collaboration with senior officers of the Rwandan National Intelligence and Security Services. On 13 July 2010, the beheaded… Read More

Patrick Karegeya’s wife: ‘I always worried about his safety’

Johannesburg - By the time the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, Leah Karegeya knew something was wrong. There was no message from her husband to welcome in 2014 and her increasingly frantic calls to him remained unanswered. “We skyped and talked every single day,” said the US-based Leah of her relationship with her husband, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, Rwanda’s... Read More

SA Police seeking Rwandan man in the death of Patrick Kareg

JOHANNESBURG - According to an AP report, a Rwandan man was reportedly being sought Friday by South African police in the death of former Rwandan spymaster Patrick Karegeya, whose body was discovered in a plush Johannesburg hotel on New Year's Day. According to the opposition Rwandan National Congress coalition and the local New Age newspaper, the man was the last... Read More

Rwanda’s president accused in death of ex-spy chief Patrick Karegeya

PRETORIA, South Africa -- The death of a former Rwandan spy chief in South Africa has renewed opposition claims that Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame, is orchestrating the killings of political dissidents – allegations denied by the Rwandan government. Patrick Karegeya, the 53-year-old former head of Rwanda's foreign intelligence service, was found dead on New Year’s Day on the bed in... Read More

Colonel Patrick Karegeya has been assassinated today in Johannesburg (South Africa).

The Rwandan opposition is deeply saddened to announce the assassination of Colonel Patrick Karegeya today in Johannesburg, South Africa. His body was found in a Hotel where he went for a meeting. The South African authorities are investigating the murder. Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a key figure in the Rwandan opposition and a founding member of the Rwanda National Congress.... Read More