Paul Kagame and Filipe Nyusi Central Africa Southern Africa 

Rwanda’s Paul Kagame in Mozambique seeking wider acceptance for his policies

President Paul Kagame today arrived in Mozambican capital Maputo for a two day state visit to the southern African state. Kagame was received by Mozambique Minister of Foreign Affairs Oldemiro Baloi and will meet his counterpart President Filipe Nyusi lateri n the  today.

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“In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”-Orwell

By: Jennifer Fierberg Kigali working hard to divide and confuse the opposition The murder of Patrick Karegyea of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) has left the political opposition as well as Rwandans in the diaspora who support them raw yet determined. His murder continues to be investigated by the South African Police who have refused to comment on an open investigation. Back in Rwanda President Kagame and his political leaders have had a lot to say about the death of Karegeya both in the press and on social media outlets.…

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How the Mighty have fallen…

A small country in the heart of Africa it is facing an uphill PR and financial battle. Over the last few weeks Rwanda has seen dramatic cuts in foreign aid that amounts to tens of millions of dollars. All of these actions seem to be sparked by the United Nations Group of Experts report that provided overwhelming evidences that Rwanda is supporting the M23 rebels in D.R. Congo with ammunition, weapons and soldiers. A claim that the Rwandan Government (GoR) adamantly denies. The little report that could Many reports on…

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