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Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Strongly Condemns Gen.Kayumba Nyamwasa’s False Statements

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda condemns in the strongest terms possible the careless false statements of the exiled Gen.Kayumba Nyamwasa in his case at the African Court on Human and People’s Rights in Arusha(ACHPR), where he discredited DGPR’s case at the Rwandan Supreme Court in 2015, regarding the change of the constitution, thinking that it would give him an… Read More


Written by Michel MUSHIMIYIMANA Rwanda’s recent constitutional change through the engineered referendum by the ruling party, Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), has strongly reverberated Rwandans and the international community in general. Surely, for most of the Rwandans, especially young ones, this amendment has become a nightmare as it allows the incumbent authoritarian ruler; President Paul Kagame nicknamed “The Monster” to run… Read More

Rwanda: The parody of democracy

By: Jennifer Fierberg President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has sidestepped the question of running for a third term as President for the last few years.  He has eluded journalists when they have asked him specifically about his future plans and has even gone as far as insulting some reporters telling them that it was none of their business what Rwanda… Read More

South Africa to probe spy cables leak

. View photo Rwanda’s former army chief Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa walks into court in Johannesburg, South Africa, on June 21, 2012 (AFP Photo/Alexander Joe)   Johannesburg (AFP) – South Africa has launched an investigation into the leak of espionage secrets to an international television news channel and a British newspaper, the state security minister said Wednesday.   “A full investigation… Read More

Rwanda on trial in South Africa

By: Jennifer Fierberg Once again, a court in South Africa has called foul on the Government of Rwanda and their involvement in the attempted assassination of Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa former Chief of staff of the Rwandan Army, now leader in one of Rwanda’s most vocal opposition groups, the Rwanda National Congress. The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa… Read More

Kanyandekwe and Bachisa Acquited by SA Courts In the Shooting Of Rwandan General Kayumba

Two of the most high profile suspects in the alleged shooting of exiled Rwandan officer Kayumba Nyamwasa have been cleared of all charges and immediately set free. Court in Johannesburg acquitted Rwandan businessman Pascal Kanyandekwe, 32 years, and Richard Bachisa, 38, who was Kayumba’s driver on the fateful date June 19 2010 when they were attacked. Kayumba was shot in... Read More

RNC Pleased With the outcome of Gen Kayumba’s Case

Jean Paul Turayishimiye RNC spokes person Rwanda National Congress is pleased with the ruling on the 2010 attempted murder case, against the life of General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa. Though Pascal Kanyandekwe, and Richard, two Rwandans accused in the conspiracy of the plot were freed because of the insufficiency of evidence to convict them, it has left no doubt… Read More

Nyamwasa: Museveni wrong on Kagame

After the third attempt on the life of former Chief of the Rwanda Defence Forces, Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, exiled in South Africa, Robert Mukombozi talked to him recently in an exclusive interview. The exiled general discusses what he calls the dictatorship in Rwanda and compares President Museveni and his own Paul Kagame. Below are excerpts: Let me take you back to the events on… Read More

Is DePaul University the best cover for an agent of the Rwandan Government?

By: Jennifer Fierberg President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is known to use many forms of public relations mediums throughout the world in order to boost the image of Rwanda and highlight the remarkable progress that the country has made in the development sector since the 1994 genocide. He has been invited to many universities to speak on growth and development… Read More

Patrick Karegeya: Mysterious death of a Rwandan exile

Col Patrick Karegeya’s death served as a stark warning to exiled Rwandan dissidents. PHOTO | FILE  A murdered former Rwandan intelligence chief was advising South African and Tanzanian intelligence as they prepared to send troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo to battle the Rwandan-backed rebel group M23, BBC has learned. On New Year’s Eve, Rwanda’s former chief of external… Read More