RNC Pleased With the outcome of Gen Kayumba’s Case

Jean Paul Turayishimiye RNC spokes person

Rwanda National Congress is pleased with the ruling on the 2010 attempted murder case, against the life of General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa.

Though Pascal Kanyandekwe, and Richard, two Rwandans accused in the conspiracy of the plot were freed because of the insufficiency of evidence to convict them, it has left no doubt in the mind of the judge and the public, who those individuals worked for.

The magistrate made it clear during the ruling that, the attempted murder of Gen Kayumba was politically motivated, emanating from Rwanda.

Rwanda National Congress is pleased, that though the case, is the first of its kind in Rwanda history, it will help the Rwandan people, the international community, and the public to understand the criminal behavior and activities of the Rwandan government.

Rwanda National Congress remains hopeful that, other similar and pending cases of Gen Kayumba and Col Patrick Karegeya will be prosecuted in the near future.


Jean Paul Turayishimye

Spokesperson, RNC

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