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Uganda’s Museveni defends anti-LGBTQ law amid aid cut threats

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has defended signing an anti-LGBTQ law that seeks to further restrict persons from the LGBTQ community. The law is one of the world’s harshest and allows for death penalty for persons considered serial offenders. It also imposes a life sentence for same-sex intercourse and a 20-year sentence for promotion of homosexuality. Museveni who was speaking for… Read More
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Uganda’s President to meet MPs over anti-LGBTQ law

As pressure mounts on Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni not to sign a recently passed anti-LGBTQ law, he is now due to meet MPs over the issue. Mr. Museveni will meet lawmakers from his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) on Thursday to discuss the law which was passed last month. The meeting will take place at State House in Entebbe, a… Read More
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US threatens Uganda with possible sanctions over anti-gay law

The US White House has warned Uganda of possible sanctions if the newly passed anti-gay bill becomes effective. Ugandan lawmakers on Tuesday passed into law the stricter anti-gay bill which outlined harsher punishment for people who engage in same-sex activities. Penalties under the new legislation include a 10-year-jail term for anyone who engages in same-sex relationships or identifies as LGBTQ. There… Read More
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Uganda shuts down schools to contain COVID-19 spread

– – Schools in Uganda have been shut down with public gatherings also suspended to contain a surge of infections in a second Covid-19 wave. Public transport between districts will be banned starting Thursday as well to allow students who are in schools to return home. Bars, cinemas and theatres have also been closed in latest directives from President Yoweri Museveni.… Read More
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Uganda: Bobi Wine withdraws election result challenge

– – Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine on Monday announced that he was withdrawing a court case challenging last month’s presidential election results. Incumbent President Yoweri Museveni was declared winner of that election but Wine alleges that the poll was characterized by fraud and irregularities. Since filing the case in court, the opposition politician whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi… Read More
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Uganda: Police arrest activists for flogging Museveni’s effigy

– – Two people have been arrested by the Ugandan Police for flogging an effigy of President Yoweri Museveni. The two men, Luta Ferdinand Male and Nsereko Asharf, described themselves to police as activists of a social movement. They flogged the effigy on a busy road in the capital, Kampala as they accused the president of malpractice in the January elections.… Read More
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Uganda’s Bobi Wine challenges Museveni win in court

– – Ugandan opposition politician Bobi Wine has filed a legal challenge against the presidential election results of last month. Wine claims in his petition that the outcome of last month’s presidential election was rigged. His lawyers say the musician-turned politician who led the National Unity Platform in the election wants the poll to be re-run. Uganda’s Incumbent president Yoweri… Read More
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Uganda: Soldiers finally leave Bobi Wine’s home

– – Ugandan police and the army have now left the home of former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi — popularly known as Bobi Wine. They had earlier remained at his home despite a court order for them to leave. The security officers have been stationed at Bobi Wine’s home in Magere village, Wakiso District since January 14 when he went… Read More
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Uganda: Bobi Wine says he and his family are under house arrest

Uganda’s 2021 defeated presidential candidate Bobi Wine has said that he and his family are “under house arrest and stuck with an 18-month-old baby”. Since last weekend, soldiers have surrounded the musician-turned politician’s house preventing him from leaving the compound. There have been instances where visitors to his house were also prevented from entering. Soldiers claim that he could incite… Read More
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Here are four of Africa’s longest serving Presidents

– – Africa over the years has been known for its leaders who refuse to leave power even when it is glaring that they were no longer needed. Some of them hold on to power attributing it to the desire of citizens who still want them to continue to serve. Many of these leaders oversee elections considered by analysts as… Read More