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Here are four of Africa’s longest serving Presidents

– – Africa over the years has been known for its leaders who refuse to leave power even when it is glaring that they were no longer needed. Some of them hold on to power attributing it to the desire of citizens who still want them to continue to serve. Many of these leaders oversee elections considered by analysts as… Read More
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Cameroon: President Biya condemns school mass shooting

– – Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has in a statement condemned the killing of seven children in a mass shooting at a school in the Anglophone region. Twelve children were also injured in the attack which took place on Saturday. The attack took place in a region where separatist insurgents have been battling government forces since 2017. The attack has… Read More
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Cameroon military court jails separatists for life

A military court in Cameroon has jailed ten separatist leaders from the English-speaking region for life. A leader of Cameroon’s separatist movement, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is among the ten people jailed for life. He and nine of his followers were given life sentences by the military court in the capital, Yaoundé. They were convicted of rebellion, complicity in terrorism, financing… Read More