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Malawi: Schools reopen after cholera killed 750 people

Academic work is resuming in primary and secondary schools in Malawi‘s two major cities following a cholera outbreak that killed hundreds of people. The cholera outbreak began in March last year and has so far killed more than 750 people. Schools in the capital, Lilongwe, and the commercial hub, Blantyre, had remained closed for at least two weeks after the… Read More
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African academics express anger over new UK visa scheme

– – Some African academics and students are crying foul over the new visa scheme introduced by the United Kingdom. The new UK visa scheme designed to attract the “brightest and best” graduates from around the world does not include any African universities on its list of institutions where those degree-holders can come from. The list of eligible universities from 2021, published… Read More
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Uganda shuts down schools to contain COVID-19 spread

– – Schools in Uganda have been shut down with public gatherings also suspended to contain a surge of infections in a second Covid-19 wave. Public transport between districts will be banned starting Thursday as well to allow students who are in schools to return home. Bars, cinemas and theatres have also been closed in latest directives from President Yoweri Museveni.… Read More
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Covid-19: Kenya schools reopen after months of closure

– – Schools in Kenya on Monday reopened for children to return to the classroom for learning and teaching activities. Millions of primary and secondary school children in Kenya are expected to get back to the classroom. In October final year students resumed learning ahead of Monday’s official reopening date. Meanwhile the head of the Kenya National Union of Teachers… Read More
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Ghana: Schools to reopen from mid-January

– – Schools in Ghana are reopening from January 15 after ten months of closure. In March last year, the government of Ghana ordered the closure of schools from the basic to the tertiary levels after the country recorded its first cases of Covid-19. But President Akufo-Addo has announced that it is now safe to reopen schools from mid-January starting with students… Read More
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Zambia: Young people drop out of school due to Covid-19

– – Some young people in some underprivileged communities in Zambia may not return to school this year, despite all education institutions having re-opened, because a number have either been married off or/and fallen pregnant during the months that the schools were closed. Others are just staying home, because their parents are more comfortable with them being away from school,… Read More
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Ghana launches survey on ‘schools, sex and safety’

A major and nationwide survey on sexual safety of teenagers in schools has been launched in Ghana. Dubbed the ‘SCHOOLS, SEX & SAFETY’ survey it is aimed at getting enough details about the sexual security of teenagers from harassment, abuse, proposals and rape. The survey which is the first of its kind in Ghana is being coordinated by private media… Read More
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Schools suspended in Sudan after soldiers killed students

Schools have been suspended in Sudan following outrage among students after the murder of five of their colleagues on Monday. Sudan’s authorities ordered all schools nationwide to suspend classes indefinitely as protests and agitations emerge among students. The military council’s directive noted that doors of schools should remain closed on Wednesday, the state news agency said. “Orders have been given… Read More