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Gambia: More women accuse Jammeh of sexual abuse

An anonymous protocol officer has accused former President Yaya Jammeh of sexual harassment during his tenure. The witness said Jammeh gave her $1955 (100,000 Dalasi) in their first meeting. Few months later she was given an appointment letter from the Personnel Management Office as a protocol officer with salary over $117 (6,000 Dalasi). The witness said whenever the former president is visiting his home village of Kanilai they (protocol officers) will escort him. During this period Jammeh will sometimes invite the female protocol officers in turns into his room with the assistance…

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‘Speaking my truth’ by Dr. Sionne Rameah Neely

I am Co-Founder of ACCRA [dot] ALT (ADA) and I was Co-Director of the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival from 2011–2017 in Ghana, West Africa. Over the course of August 2019, multiple artists and activists in Ghana have been targeted and harassed by alleged police officers ostensibly investigating claims of cyber harassment. This investigation is occurring — so the alleged police have told those being investigated — at the charge of Mantse Aryeequaye, my former romantic and life partner as well as Co-Founder of ACCRA [dot] ALT and now the…

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Ghana launches survey on ‘schools, sex and safety’

A major and nationwide survey on sexual safety of teenagers in schools has been launched in Ghana. Dubbed the ‘SCHOOLS, SEX & SAFETY’ survey it is aimed at getting enough details about the sexual security of teenagers from harassment, abuse, proposals and rape. The survey which is the first of its kind in Ghana is being coordinated by private media production house, EAA-Media productions. The production company said in a statement that the aim of the survey is also “paint a nationwide picture of sexual safety in schools, and to…

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