Rwanda: The parody of democracy

By: Jennifer Fierberg President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has sidestepped the question of running for a third term as President for the last few years.  He has eluded journalists when they have asked him specifically about his future plans and has even gone as far as insulting some reporters telling them that it was none of their business what Rwanda… Read More

Rwanda: A Pathway to Instability

AMAHORO – FDU Inkingi – RNC PLATEFORM CHANGING ARTICLE 101 OF THE CONSTITUTION IS A Rwandan RECIPE TO ONE PARTY RULE entrench AND A PATHWAY TO INSTABILITY The decision of RPF party to endorse the change of Article 101 in order to enable incumbent President Kagame to run for a third term is a betrayal of the true wish of… Read More

Rwanda on trial in South Africa

By: Jennifer Fierberg Once again, a court in South Africa has called foul on the Government of Rwanda and their involvement in the attempted assassination of Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa former Chief of staff of the Rwandan Army, now leader in one of Rwanda’s most vocal opposition groups, the Rwanda National Congress. The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa… Read More

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people”

By Jennifer Fierberg In a recent four day trip to Washington DC, meetings and interviews filled my schedule during the US African Leader Summit. Fifty heads of state from Africa descended upon DC to discuss topics of growth, infrastructure, food security, trade and various other political topics. President Obama made it clear that there would be no private meetings between… Read More

“A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time”

Interview with Portia Karegeya on the death of her father Patrick Karegeya By: Jennifer Fierberg In the wake of extreme tragedy is one rarely able to articulate their emotions let alone answer questions about the loss that has torn through their family. Patrick Karegeya, former head spy chief for President Paul Kagame and founding member of the Rwandan opposition group… Read More


AMAHORO/FDU/RNC PLATFORM: PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY RWANDAAMAHORO People’s Congress – FDU-INKINGI – RNC  January 12th , 2014 PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME CONFIRMS HIS REGIME’S ROLE IN THE ASSASSINATION OF COLONEL PATRICK KAREGEYA AND DECLARES WAR ON RWANDANS On January 1st, 2014, the strangled body of an opposition leader, the late Colonel Patrick Karegeya , was found in Michelangelo Hotel… Read More


Mr. Douglas E. Coe The Fellowship 1271 Washington Avenue San Leandro,CA 94577 USA 28th December, 2013 Dear Mr. Coe, Re: Ending the Crisis in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region through Dialogue On behalf of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) I am writing to inform you that the current situation in Rwanda is one of those that ought to be… Read More

Petition to Development Aid Partners of Rwanda and President of the United States

On January 1st 2014, the body of a Rwandan opposition leader Patrick Karegeya, was found in Michelangelo Towers Hotel (Johannesburg, South Africa), strangled to death with a rope and towels. The prime suspect is a known Rwandan national believed to be in collaboration with senior officers of the Rwandan National Intelligence and Security Services. On 13 July 2010, the beheaded… Read More

Rwanda’s president accused in death of ex-spy chief Patrick Karegeya

PRETORIA, South Africa -- The death of a former Rwandan spy chief in South Africa has renewed opposition claims that Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame, is orchestrating the killings of political dissidents – allegations denied by the Rwandan government. Patrick Karegeya, the 53-year-old former head of Rwanda's foreign intelligence service, was found dead on New Year’s Day on the bed in... Read More

Rwanda: There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW In an ironic analysis of the media situation in Rwanda, the publication, East African Business Week of Kampala, published a piece on March 26, 2012 entitled “Rwanda: Nation Moves to Improve Media Image” ( However, Rwanda has just kicked their worst tabloid/gossip paper into high gear. Rwanda has created a news website devoted to discrediting opposition… Read More