Will the world remain silent with Rwanda and Uganda in DR Congo again?

An interview with international criminal defense attorney and former law professor Peter Erlinder Ann Garrison While international attention is focused on the constitutional crisis in Burundi, Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers have again violated the territorial integrity of DR Congo by sending troops into the country. What are they up to? INTRODUCTION Rwandan and Ugandan troops have been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the past two weeks, but reporting is scant and neither the U.S., the U.N. Security Council nor any other members of the international community have…

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Ban Ki-Moon Admits Failure in DRC

By Jennifer Fierberg

Kabilam Kagame and MoonPredicts Period of Instability in the Great Lakes Region

Just days ago, Senator Russell Feingold, the U.S. special envoy working to stabilize Africa’s Great Lakes region, announced he will give his final speech in this position. His press release stated the following, “On February 24, Senator Feingold will give his final speech as U.S. special envoy at the U.S. Institute of Peace to offer his current insights on the DRC, on the prospects for ending the militia violence in the country’s east, and for improving political stability in the Great Lakes region.” Further the press release states, “Senator Feingold has now spent 18 months as the U.S. special envoy for the Great Lakes region and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has helped negotiate an end to the M23 rebellion in the eastern DRC and has worked to improve human rights protections for women in that region. He has advocated military reforms in the country, and has pushed for greater dialogue and collaboration among the DRC, Rwanda, and other states in the Great Lakes Region. In his discussion at USIP, Senator Feingold will review recent accomplishments in the region and the challenges ahead. He will outline what he sees as policy priorities for the United States and international community.”


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UN Says Congo’s Defeated M23 Rebels Active Again

M23 RebelsUNITED NATIONS — The top U.N. envoy in Congo said Monday there are “credible reports” that the M23 rebel group is recruiting fighters and resuming activities despite last month’s peace agreement with the Congolese government following its military defeat.

Martin Kobler told the U.N. Security Council that the M23 must not be allowed to re-emerge as a military force, which would roll back regional and international efforts to end decades of fighting centered in mineral-rich eastern Congo.

M23 launched its rebellion in April 2012, becoming the latest reincarnation of a Tutsi rebel group dissatisfied with the Congolese government. Rwanda’s Tutsi-led government has been accused by U.N. experts and others of backing the M23 and using it as a proxy force to secure access to eastern Congo’s lucrative mining trade — an allegation the government denies.

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DRC government and M23 sign peace deal

  The rebel group agreed to engage in talks in October after suffering defeats against government and UN-backed forces.     M23 rebels, who were once part of the country’s army, mutinied in 2012 [EPA] The Democratic Republic of Congo government and M23 rebels have signed a peace agreement in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The deal was announced through an official statement.    M23 are the latest incarnation of ethnic Tutsi-led fighters who have battled the DRC government in its mineral-rich eastern regions for more than two decades. Government spokesman Lambert Mende…

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Behind the Presidential Curtains: Gen Kayonga spoke out before his detention

By: Noble Marara Towards the end of M23 war against the FIB, SADC, and FRDC the Rwandan President Paul Kagame consulted his top generals with the idea to seek advice of attacking and helping out the M23 in order to fight the enemy tirelessly and not withdraw. Among those attended the meeting was Gen James Kabarebe, Gen Charles Kayonga and Gen Kamanzi Mushyo. Gen Jack Nziza, most of all the generals, advised the President to hold fire due to the anxiety of knowing what the outcome may be. They believed…

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Congolese Rebel Group Says It Is Laying Down Arms

Pete Muller for The New York Times Following a string of recent victories on the battlefield by the Congolese Army operating with United Nations support, the group, known as the M23, said that it was ending the 20-month rebellion that had brought renewed instability, uncertainty and conflict to the eastern part of Congo. In a statement, the group’s chairman, Bertrand Bisimwa, said that the M23 had decided “from this day to put an end to its rebellion and to pursue by purely political means the search for solutions to the…

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DR Congo: M23 rebels close to defeat after US and Britain urge Rwanda to stay out

The M23 rebel group is made up of hundreds of Congolese soldiers mostly from the Tutsi ethnic group who deserted the national army last year Photo: Reuters   Foreign ministers of America and Britain called president of neighbouring Rwanda to ask him to cut ties with rebels   Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo are close to defeat after the foreign ministers of both America and Britain called the president of neighbouring Rwanda and urged him not to intervene to support them, The Daily Telegraph has learned. John Kerry, the…

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In November 2012, I wrote a piece with a title, ‘The Tragedy of Goma’ in which I concluded: “As Goma fell to Rwanda’s troops President Museveni of Uganda and President Kagame of Rwanda, both condemnable co-authors of this latest outrage against the Congolese people, met President Kabila of DRC in Kampala in a sham diplomacy designed to serve him with a fait accompli and an ultimatum to accept M23 as a Congolese organization with legitimate demands. Even then, Kagame must know this: it will be a futile exercise since, like…

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Rwanda’s M23 fires on another UN Helicopter

MONUSCO PRESS RELEASE Martin Kobler and Mary Robinson condemn new attack by the M23 against a UN Helicopter Kinshasa, 18 October 2013: The head of MONUSCO, Martin Kobler, and the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General, Mary Robinson, strongly condemned a new attack by the M23 against an unarmed MONUSCO helicopter, the second in less than a week. The latest attack occurred this morning when the helicopter came under direct fire from positions held by the March 23 (M23) rebel movement over Kibumba, Rutshuru, in the North Kivu. Martin Kobler and…

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M23 Warn DRC Army

In what appears as the latest escalation of tensions in Eastern Congo, the rebel M23 Movement has given the DRC government an ultimatum of 48 hours to vacate their strategic stronghold Southern town of Kamahoro, Chimp Corps reports. In a press conference held at Silver Springs Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday evening, the leader of M23 peace delegation to Kampala, Rene Abandi, said the attack was “totally unacceptable” and a “crime against peace.” He added: “We have stopped direct contact with the government of DRC on this issue. We shall…

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