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Gambia: Migrants massacre survivor to testify in a German court

Martin Kyere, a survivor of the unlawful killings of about 44 Ghanaians in The Gambia in 2005, is scheduled to testify before a German court this week against Bai Lowe, one of the alleged perpetrators of the killings. Lowe, who had left the Gambia to seek asylum in Germany was arrested in Hanover, Germany, in March 2021 under the international… Read More
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Germany returns over 20 looted Benin Bronzes to Nigeria

Germany has returned over 20 Benin Bronzes stolen from Nigeria to the West African nation. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock confirmed this on Tuesday as Germany joins other European countries to return stolen cultural artefacts to where they belong. British soldiers seized thousands of metal castings and sculptures during a raid on the then-separate Kingdom of Benin in 1897. The… Read More
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Germany rejects renegotiating new reparation for Namibia genocide

The Herero and Nama ethnic groups in Namibia had rebelled against German rule in response to the expropriation of their land and cattle by Germany. The head of the military administration in the region, Lothar von Trotha, ordered the massacre in response to the uprising. The indigenous Herero and Nama people had to flee their lands. Those killed were people… Read More
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Four German tourists killed in plane crash in Namibia

– – Four German tourists have died in a plane crash in Namibia, police said on Tuesday. The tourists, all from one family died together with and their South African pilot when the plane crashed. According to a police report the plane crashed a few minutes after taking off from an airstrip on Impalila Island along the Zambezi River. The… Read More
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Sadio Mane to join Bayern Munich in deal worth up to £35m

– – Liverpool have agreed a 41m euro (£35.1m) deal to sell Sadio Mane to Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich. The Reds will get a fixed 32m euros (£27.4m) with an additional 6m euros based on appearances and 3m euros based on individual and team achievements. Liverpool turned down two bids from Bayern before accepting their latest offer for the 30-year-old, whose… Read More
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Gambia rejects its own citizens deported from Germany

– – Gambia’s government has refused to accept its own citizens deported from Germany. Over 2,000 Gambians who migrated to European countries such as Germany have overstayed their asylum visas. They are now expected to be repatriated to their country but the Gambian government is refusing to let them in. The first batch of Gambian migrants who have exhausted their… Read More
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Deadly flood hits Western Germany; over 81 people dead

– – Western Germany has been hit by deadly flooding resulting in the death of over 80 people and reports of at least 1,300 others still missing. This year’s flooding is considered one of the deadliest in modern history in Germany with majority of those badly affected coming from Ahrweiler district, south of the city of Cologne. The disaster was… Read More
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Germany to pay Namibia €1.1bn in reparations for colonial genocide

Germany has accepted to pay Namibia €1.1bn as reparation for genocide committed during its colonial-era occupation of the African country. The reparation will be in a form of financial support for Namibia’s development through a programme. Per the deal of the reparation there will be funding paid over 30 years through spending on infrastructure, healthcare and training programmes benefiting the… Read More
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Morocco recalls ambassador to Germany over territorial dispute

– – Morocco has recalled its ambassador in Berlin over the disputed Western Sahara territory. The North African country is accusing Germany of being involved in hostile actions that would harm the interests of the country. In a statement, Morocco cited Germany’s “destructive attitude” and “antagonistic activism” regarding its actions that followed the US decision to recognise Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.… Read More
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Germany considers returning Nigeria’s stolen artefacts

– – Germany has said that it is considering returning some artefacts stolen from Nigeria during the colonial era. The particular artefacts in question are the Benin bronzes looted from the Kingdom of Benin, in present day southern Nigeria. The artefacts are being held at Ethnological Museum in the German capital, Berlin. The Ethnological Museum has 530 historical objects from… Read More