Ethiopia: opposition figure seeks political asylum in the United States

One of the main opponents of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian political figure Bekele Gerba, has applied for political asylum in the United States, he told AFP on Monday, denouncing the deteriorating political situation in Ethiopia and saying he feared for his life. Released in January 2022 after 18 months in prison, Mr Bekele said on Monday that he… Read More
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Eritrea rejoins the East African regional bloc after 16-year absence

After 16 years of absence, Eritrea has rejoined the East African regional bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad). In 2007, Eritrea suspended its membership in protest against Ethiopia’s military intervention in Somalia. The country was also protesting against alleged manipulation of the organisation by external forces. Information Minister Yemane Meskel has tweeted that Eritrea has retaken its seat at… Read More
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Food supply to Ethiopia halted over illegal sales claims

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID has halted food supply to Tigray region of Ethiopia after it discovered that the goods were being diverted for sale on the local market. The decision was based on the advice of the USAID Office of the Inspector General which investigated the matter. It comes just days after the Associated Press news… Read More
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Normalcy returns to Ethiopia’s Amhara region after deadly protests

Calm has now returned to most areas of the Ethiopian region of Amhara where deadly protests have been taking place for the past six days. Businesses have reopened and traffic was back in urban centres on Wednesday after tensed Tuesday which saw protests escalating into violence. At least five people have died in the demonstrations sparked by plans to dissolve… Read More
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Eritrea accuses US of supporting rebels in Tigray conflict

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki has accused the US of supporting Tigrayan rebels during the civil war in northern Ethiopia. The recently concluded conflict led to the loss of thousands of lives and displacement of millions. The country is still recovering from that conflict. A peace deal was signed between Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to end the… Read More
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Ethiopia’s warring parties sign deal for truce implementation

REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya The Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces have now signed an agreement detailing the roadmap for implementation of a peace deal. The agreement signed on Saturday is to facilitated the truce agreed to during negotiations in South Africa this month. Representatives from the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have been meeting in Nairobi since Monday… Read More
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Ethiopia: Tigray conflict factions agree to ceasefire

– – Factions in the conflict in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray have agreed to ceasefire, according to mediators. On Wednesday in the South African capital Pretoria, the agreement was signed which is expected to allow humanitarian supplies to Tigray to be restored. African Union mediator Olusegun Obasanjo, who welcomed delegates from the government and the Tigray forces to the… Read More
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Ethiopia: New date set for Tigray peace talks in South Africa

– – Ethiopian government officials have said that a new date has been set by the African Union (AU) for the start of peace talks to resolve the Tigray conflict. The talks will now take place on Monday October 24 in South Africa, according to the Ethiopian government. Redwan Hussein, the Ethiopian prime minister’s national security adviser, confirmed that the… Read More
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Ethiopia: Federal government forces take control of key towns in Tigray

– – The Ethiopian federal government has taken control of three towns in Tigray, north of the country, it said in a statement on Tuesday. “The ENDF has taken control of towns of Shire, Alamata and Korem without fighting in Urban areas,” the statement said. According to the government taking back these towns and other key structures would help accelerate… Read More
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Ethiopia: AU condemned over delayed Tigrayan peace talks

– – Some political parties in the rebel-held Tigray region of Ethiopia have condemned the African Union mediation efforts aimed at ending the conflict in the region. Last weekend the African Union was expected to mediate talks in South Africa. This time, the AU special envoy and former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, with the support of former Kenyan President Uhuru… Read More