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Ethiopia’s warring parties sign deal for truce implementation

REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya The Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces have now signed an agreement detailing the roadmap for implementation of a peace deal. The agreement signed on Saturday is to facilitated the truce agreed to during negotiations in South Africa this month. Representatives from the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have been meeting in Nairobi since Monday… Read More
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Ethiopia: Federal government forces take control of key towns in Tigray

– – The Ethiopian federal government has taken control of three towns in Tigray, north of the country, it said in a statement on Tuesday. “The ENDF has taken control of towns of Shire, Alamata and Korem without fighting in Urban areas,” the statement said. According to the government taking back these towns and other key structures would help accelerate… Read More
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Hundreds of African students starving in Ukraine as evacuation delays

– – Hundreds of African students are reportedly starving in Ukraine as Russian forces pummel the north-eastern city of Sumy for days now. The students are nationals of Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia and other countries who are stuck in Ukraine. Reports say apart from food shortage, there is also no water, compelling the stranded students to drink melted snow. The situation… Read More
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Ukraine: AU expresses ‘extreme concern’ over Russia invasion

– – The African Union (AU) has expressed concern over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent attack that has left many dead. The continental body has called for an “immediate ceasefire” to avoid what it a “planetary conflict”. AU chairman and Senegalese President Macky Sall, and AU Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat have both in a joint statement said they… Read More
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African Union welcomes Libyan interim unity government

– – The African Union has welcomed the setting up of a Libyan interim unity government which is expected to oversee elections in December this year. Delegates at a UN-led forum voted for a three-member presidential council as well as a prime minister. Mohamed Younes Menfi, a former ambassador to Greece, will be the head of the presidency council. Abdul… Read More
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Ethiopia: At least 22 killed in Amhara region attack

Ethiopian officials have said that at least 22 people have been killed following clashes between special forces and a minority ethnic group in the Amhara region. The clashes span a period of five days in Ethiopia’s northern state of Amhara. Reuters quotes Desalegn Chane, president of the new National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) party, as saying that “On Friday a… Read More

Another Declaration of War along Sudan’s Border

By: Alysha Atma   Blue Nile, Sudan, an area that has seen continued conflict for decades is once again hearing the sounds of war. According to on ground sources, fighting has sparked again early Friday, September 02, 2011 among the Northern Sudanese forces (NCP) and the SPLA/M – Sudanese People’s Liberation Army/Movement.   The north began deploying forces in the… Read More