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Benin sacks EU ambassador over ‘interference’

Benin has ordered the European Union ambassador to leave the country over alleged political interference. A statement from the office of the President of Benin described Ambassador Oliver Nette as harmful. It however indicated that the West African country has nothing against the EU. A government source has also told the AFP that the ambassador is inciting the nationals against the government. According to the source the German envoy, Oliver Nette has ignored several warnings from Benin’s Foreign Minister. “He has interfered too much in domestic affairs. He constantly calls on civil…

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Rwandan Genocide: Not the first nor last in Africa

Over half a million perished during the Rwandan genocideExactly 20 years ago today, things had fallen apart in Rwanda, for the next 100 days after 7 April, 300 people, mostly Tutsi’s, died per hour. The final tally: about a million dead, rape ruled so did the Machetes.

To sum it quickly, The Hutus came to Rwanda before the Tutsis, The Hutus are darker and shorter while the Tutsis are taller and light complexioned.

The Germans and the Belgians that were stealing resources from Rwanda back in the day favoured the Tutsis for their looks. It was classic divide and rule tactics. In 1935, the Belgians actually created Identity cards that listed Rwandans as Tutsi or Hutu or Twa.

The Hutus were in majority in Rwanda and they felt insulted at the Belgians championing the Tutsis, its why in 1959 they sampled genocide waters and killed a few Tutsi and sent hundreds into exile.

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