Clinton, Kagame and M23

The recent course of events in the Democratic Republic of Congo have brought together African and Western politicians, with probably shared interests, in unconventional circumstances and ways. These meetings started with M23 mutinies deserting the FARDC and then attacking North Kivu province of Eastern Congo from their positions close to the Ugandan border. Though the M23 rebellion only gathered momentum towards the end of June and early July, preparations for war had started much earlier. That explains how the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of Congo was…

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They are killing them softly

By: Ambrose Nzeyimana

That’s Timothy B. Reid’s argument. Them, it’s Congolese. And they, are countries, particularly Western, and mainly US and Britain, which for years have been fuel-ling wars in Central Africa, and especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC].

The author in his contribution to a research work of the Humanitarian Tragedy in the DRC states how countries that significantly finance national budgets of Rwanda and Uganda could’ve stopped, or end even today the suffering of Congolese people, if they wanted to.


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