A Call to Boycott trade investment in Rwanda



We have heard some of Rwandan elite, foreign media and entrepreneurs talking about a suitable business environment in this lawless country. But as a party, we have not heard any of them talking about children dying on a daily basis because of hunger and starvation, lack of health care, orphans and abandoned children hiding and taking refuge in sewage pipes in the shanty ghettos of Kigali and scavenging in the middle of the night in hunt for food like as seen in these photos.  We have not heard them talking about the elderly and disadvantaged people who have been excluded from main stream services because of their social inequality. We have yet to hear from them condemning the regime policy that makes its own people homeless, and forces others to be sterilised as an experiment to fight poverty and birth control. These young men and women have been denied the right to a family by their own government that is supposed to protect their basic right to freedom and dignity. Instead they have been disowned, condemned and confined to social exclusion by the RPF government because of being poor.

We have heard others speaking about a clean city and social inclusion, but we haven’t heard them talking about travel restrictions, and proclamation of powers to quarantine less advantaged Rwandan entering their own capital and townships, trading centres, and or visiting leisure centres and social clubs without acceptable dressing code to avoid offending the Rwandan stands in the eyes of tourists and investors. We have heard about political stability, and rule of law in Rwanda, yet we have not heard anyone questioning the legality of the forced slavery, segregation, forced prostitution, and the subjective denial of the rights, freedoms and dignity for the most defenceless Rwandans.  We have not heard a single voice calling for the release of 2761 unknown prisoners currently rotting in the Rwandan prisons. The RPP’s AVG in Rwanda, has documented the unfortunate forensics in which victims are sent to prison by the RPF/RPA top officials because they wanted to confiscate their businesses, properties and also because of family disputes.

It is unfortunate that clean streets, nice swimming pools and good business environment that could have been a source of pride and sustainability to our people have instead become a living nightmare and execrations to them, as they are systematically used to suppress their rights, freedoms and dignity. These cruel incidents must be stopped immediately. It is crucial to note that the lives of the people of Rwanda are dearer and more precious than the construction of streets, five star hotels and swimming pools only aimed at impressing Rwanda’s visitors at the expense of the local Rwandan. These materialistic ornaments can be built, destroyed, rebuilt and replaced by a man, yet no man can ever and ever attain the power and capability to replace the stolen life of another man. Today, Kigali is under rehabilitation and reconstruction after its destruction as a result of the 1990-1994 civil war and genocide, but the precious souls of one million victims of Rwandan genocide and of Rwandan refugees as well as the Congolese peasants massacred in the DRC will never be replaced or restored.

While, our party acknowledges that the 1994 genocide was planned, commissioned and executed by the previous regime, we however, also recognise that failure to bring to justice perpetrators of the horrendous crimes and murders of Tutsi in 1959, 1961, 1963, 1973 and 1975 were grave mistakes. It is these impunities therefore that might have been used as precedence, largely which played a significant role in 1994 genocide.  The perpetrators knew that there will never be justice for victims as in the previous cases of horrendous crimes. This is why we believe that bringing those responsible for these crimes is crucial and important lesson to Rwandan future generations. The RPP believes that there can never be peace and tranquillity and building of democratic institutions and prosperous Rwanda until all people responsible for misusing and abusing their power are brought to justice. We need to leave a good example to our children if we are to build a civil society that is enshrined within the rule of law. As party, we also believe that a national reconciliation based on the South African model, where no genocide took place, would be disastrous to Rwanda as a nation and catastrophic to Rwandans as a people.

We have been listening to the decisions of well-respected and powerful global leaders, decisions makers and politicians talking about the removal of the most vicious dictators that started with the Arab Spring – in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now in progress in Syria and Yemen as well as other countries. We have heard too few voices of world leaders pledging to take decisive punitive measures if necessary against the most brutal Rwandan dictatorial regime of our times, whose violent wild behaviours exceeds that of the Libya’s late Kaddafi, Uganda’s late Idi Amin, Syria’s Assad, Yemen’s Saleh and Egypt’s deposed-Mubarak.

We have witnessed the unified and stern determination of the international community in demanding, imposing and enforcing travel bans, freezing of assets, economic and political isolations and other punitive measures against these oppressive Arab and African regimes of terror, for their failures to open-up political space, democratic reform and their continued bloody and barbaric campaigns and oppressions against their own people. Yet, there have been too few global leaders and decision makers that have been overwhelmed by the enormous and shocking indescribable suffering and gruesome brutalities that have been wrecked on Rwandan people during the last 17-years of the RPF barbaric reign of terror.  That clearly acknowledges that President Kagame and his cronies’ are responsible for an escalation of violence and repression of Rwandan people due to their refusal to allow political reform and rebuilding of democratic institutions in Rwanda.

We have also witnessed the relevance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as regards to its heroism indictments and prosecutions of crimes against humanity, genocides and violations of the peoples’ of rights, freedom and dignity by these dictatorial regimes. However, as of today, we are yet to hear when the last of the genocide perpetrators and those high ranking PRF/RDF officials responsible for massacring innocent Rwandan refugees and Congolese people in the DRC will be apprehended to face full accountability and justice for deeds.

The notion of wanting to judge others when we ourselves don’t want to be judged has no legacy in any modern democratic nation that is governed under the rule of law and order. No Rwandan should deem himself to be above the law. As a party, we believe that punishing ring leaders responsible for the 1994 genocide and the killing of Rwandan refugees in the DRC can never hinder the process of national reconciliation. It is only the absence of justice that will fail the much needed national reconciliation. To this extent therefore, we are calling upon the Rwanda government to release all political prisoners, journalists and local Rwandans who have been in prison for over 15 years.

The RPP therefore, as a party, calls for significant steps be taken to expose and  institute diplomatic isolation of the RPF regime that is systematically violating human rights and repressing peaceful democratic rights of its own people.

To this extent therefore, my party, the Rwanda People’s Party, once again wish to call upon for a unified stance of the 193-nation body to come together and impose a travel ban, freeze of assets of President Kagame and his associates because such measures will help to create an environment of democratic reform proposed under the 5th May 2011, RPP Peace Talks initiatives, namely, the RWANDA ROAD MAP TO PEACE.

On behalf of my party, the Rwanda People’s Party, we would like to thank the heroic decisions of the individual states that are considering unilateral punitive measures against the RPF regime as they are on time and of common sense, highlighting the seriousness of the current gruesome and human catastrophic situation in Rwanda. We hope other countries will henceforth follow a suit.

We also wish to take this opportunity, once again, on behalf on my party, to call upon the UN, EU and AU as well as the governments of the UK, US, France and Belgium, Brazil, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Independent Peace Initiatives, Human Rights Bodies, Human Rights Groups, and Friends of Rwanda to take a lead in this historic journey aimed at persuading president Kagame to adopt the RPP ROAD MAP TO PEACE which is a platform to build upon. This is a plan for lasting peace and harmony among Rwandans, a democratic, a happy civil society and a prosperous Rwanda for all.

The continuity of the issuances of the double standard  political statements by some individuals and to a regime that kills and suppresses its own people in bid to try to save a friendly regime from falling, on behalf of the Kagame’s regime is very unfortunate and unhelpful to the people of Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region of Nations. Instead, as a party, we believe that calling for a dialogue and action in line with bringing peace and political stability of the region would be more appropriate. Our party does not believe in the militarization of our region. We want peace and development not war and suffering. This is the creed of our party.

It is high time, therefore, that the friends of Rwanda accept and acknowledge the reality, that the RPF’s dramatic blanket curtain on a government that has become plagued by scandals and seems increasingly helpless in the face of the political indignation of the Rwandan people have taken in light of this catastrophe.

We must agree in principle, that the 17-years of Kagame’s regime has meant cruel hostilities, rising poverty, uncontrollable price-hiking, strengthened organised crimes, a burgeoning black market and the shocking, extremely harrowing and suffering of Rwandan people.


The RPP are calling to an end to this unfortunate support of a regime that has gone off rail

The support for this RPF regime is extremely dangerous, futile, and unhelpful to the people of Rwanda and the region as a whole. It is like burying an ostrich head into the sand because it is futile and only exposes its backside.

We believe it would be unthinkable to support this oppressive regime that calls its own people rats. It is not a benign regime. In fact is a cruel and murderous regime that is characterized by the cold blooded slaughter of Rwandan citizens as described herein by some of the DMI agents:

This is how the regime treats its critics and opponents. They are rats that have to be exterminated in all manner of methods.

“Those war mongers will be finished in the most humble way. there are many ways of Killing a Rat…one of the ways is starving it, squeezing its neck, hitting it with a sledge hammer, eating it alive, finding it in its hole, trapping is with KAMASU, poisoning it and also many other ways.” These are some of the infamous, systematically and well calculated methods of killings of Rwandan people both inside Rwanda and in their countries of exile.  These are the same frightening words used by the late Kaddafi when he was killing his own people.

Our party, the Rwanda people Party, on the other hand believes in democratic and peaceful change in Rwanda, and we are determined to avoid a damaging civil war and genocide in our country again if at all possible. This is why we urge President Kagame to adopt our ROAD MAP TO PEACE. In the same breath we urge the International Confederation of Industries and Investments, Global International Chambers and Commerce and Industries, business, and international community to boycott investments in Rwanda for so long as President Kagame continues with his murderous and cruel activities in Rwanda against innocent civilians and refuses to allow the Rwandan people to express their free will in a free national democratic election.



John V Karuranga, President

Rwanda Peoples Party


Facebook: John V. Karuranga

Phone: +00447985663922

Email: rppimvura@yahoo.com

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