Happy New Year from the Rwanda Peoples Party

Rwanda Peoples Party

Umeå, Sweden,


Dear Fellow Rwandans, all members of the RPF, Members of the opposition and all well-wishers,

The Rwanda Peoples party (RPP) wishes to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2012. Our struggle for peace in Rwanda will continue with the same determination and momentum as we used in 2011. The winds of change are about to sweep Rwanda like Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. No force in this world can stop that from happening. As we are heading into the final phase of victory, the RPP appeals to all Rwandans to have the courage and the desire to relate with past, understand the present so as to deal with future effectively.

Fellow Rwandan, allow me to remind you that the year 2011 has been a year mixed with sorrows, tears and joys throughout the world.

In Rwanda, apart from the horrific genocide of 1994, today, we continue to endure the most painful suffering and human degradations that had ever taken place in the 20th century. People die of hunger and starvation they suffer in poverty, forced sterilization, lack of democracy, political persecutions and assignations in and outside Rwanda of fellow Rwandans whose political thinking and understandings are different from that of the current ruling regime.

The Rwandan struggle for a peaceful and non-violent democratic change is now talking place, similarly to that of our revolutionary brothers in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain etc. while our brothers and sisters in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya   have turned their sorrow and tears into joy.

Fellow Rwandans, we faced challenges in the party with President Paul Kagame ignoring our request for peace talks aimed at building a peaceful state for all Rwandans and a nation that gives hopes and aspirations to her children. Despites all these frustrations and threats from the Kigali regime, we will continue to pursue our continued goals of peace, press freedoms and open political space in our beautiful country of Rwanda. These are challenges that we cannot afford to run away from. These challenges must be overcome for the sake of Rwanda and her people. But there also challenges that requires our collective individuals’ responsibility, cooperation, contribution and sacrifices of men and woman of all sections of the Rwandan life.

Fellow Rwandan, the holidays are a special time to spend with family and friends and cherish our long held traditions; unfortunately our President does not hold this same value. The RPP believes that President Kagame’s stay in Uganda during this time was a sign that he is not in touch with the people that elected him into office. President Kagame has made a record as the first president to spend the Christmas Holiday outside of his country instead of addressing his fellow countrymen and bringing this divided country together in wishing them a happy holiday season and to celebrate within the country he serves. Was he ashamed of the people or the orphans who went without anything to eat or drink on this most special of holidays? Why was he not present in his home country to serve those who continue to starve and live in destitution?

The RPP believes that the President of a country needs to be in his country, address his people on Christmas day and celebrate with them together in joy and sorrow.

We look forward to your continued support and well-wishes in the year to come as we continue to fight for the rights for all Rwandans.

Thank you all,

John V Karuranga, President

Rwanda People’s Party

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