A Call to Boycott trade investment in Rwanda


Our Ref: RPP/6799/BI/ICII/21/11/JVK/11GBI

Malmo, Sweden   21/11/2011

Ref: A call to boycott trade investment in Rwanda

As you are all aware Rwanda is now at a cross-roads as the people of Rwanda continue to experience the most gruesome, inhumane and degrading abuses under the current dictatorial regime of President Kagame whose wild behaviours are beyond comprehension. Indeed, these relentless man-made tragedies could be avoidable if the international community would continue to encourage and support a democratic and peaceful political settlement in order to allow the country to return to normalcy, establish democratic institutions, justice and rule of law as the only instruments to build a new civil society, a democratic and prosperous Rwanda that guarantees equal rights, opportunities and protection of all her children.


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