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Food and fuel prices surge in marginalised communities amid Ukraine war

The cost of food, fuel and fertiliser in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities is continuing to escalate to crisis levels since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with families spending up to 10 times what they paid almost 18 months ago, according to new analysis from international humanitarian organisation ActionAid. A survey of more than 1,000 community members and leaders… Read More
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60% of Zimbabweans are without enough food

The United Nations has said that millions of Zimbabweans are struggling to access food. Hilal Elver, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food who disclosed this said “The people of Zimbabwe are slowly getting to a point of suffering a man-made starvation.” Elver made the statement in Harare after after a 10-day visit to the country. In a… Read More
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Food crisis hits Zimbabwe with over 5 million in need of aid

Zimbabwe has been hit by a food crisis with more than five million people in dire need of food aid. The United Nations has said that most of those without food are close to starvation. The World Food Programme (WFP) on Tuesday launched a $331m appeal to help the country. Zimbabwe is currently battling the effects of drought, a cyclone… Read More

Somehow surviving: A story of chronic need, hope and despair

By Sulah Nuwamanya-Partnership Development and Communications Manager for Actionaid Rwanda Rwanda (Kigali) Bernadite Nyitogwiza of Muganza Village in Muganza Sector, Gisagara District, Southern Province has survived to the age of 88 despite a life of permanent challenge to meet her basic needs and those of her family. Born in 1923 in the same community where she now lives, she and… Read More

Rwanda achieves high rank in actionaid’s scorecard

Further action needed to face food, climate crisis   October 19th, 2011 (Kigali-Rwanda) Rwanda ranks 3rd in its capacity and preparedness for the triple crisis confronting the world’s food system, according to research in 28 developing countries. The ActionAid report released today, On the Brink: Who’s best prepared for a climate and hunger crisis?, shows that Rwanda is one of... Read More

Supporting rural women farmers is the solution to eradicating hunger in Rwanda, says Actionaid

For Immediate Release Supporting rural women farmers is the solution to eradicating hunger in Rwanda, says Actionaid 15th October 2011 (Kigali) The Rwandan government must make concrete invest in the specific needs of rural women famers as the only sustainable solution to eradicating hunger and ensuring abundant quality food, said Actionaid in its message to mark the International Rural Women's... Read More

ActionAid urges G20 Ministers to take immediate steps to avert food and finance crises

For immediate release: Washington D.C. – As Greece edges closer to default, confidence in the Euro and the dollar declines and global food prices soar, ActionAid called on G20 finance and development ministers meeting today to put serious reforms in motion.   Although global food security is among the top agenda items for today’s meeting, there are serious concerns that despite continued hikes in the price of staple foods,… Read More

Rwanda: Congolese refugees receive half rations

Today, the World Food Program (WFP) began handing out half-rations to Congolese refugees in three camps in Rwanda. This decision comes as the result of a lack of funding. The three camps, alongside two transit centers, host an estimated 54,000 refugees from the conflict in neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). According to WFP Rwanda Country Director Mr.  Abdoulaye... Read More

World Bank to Contribute Millions to Help Kenya Withstand Drought

In response to the ongoing crisis in the Horn of Africa, the World Bank is planning to provide Kenya with tens of millions of dollars to improve the country’s defenses against future droughts. The drought and famine currently rippling through east Africa has shown no signs of slowing.  With governments, businesses and people around the world ramping up relief efforts,… Read More