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Financial Education the Key for Growth in Africa

Africa is a rapidly growing region with a lot of potential to be a major contributor to the world in many industries. However, the region has lagged for many years, with African leaders facing many challenges when it comes to creating stable and productive economies. One area that could help boost the growth rate of African countries is increased financial… Read More
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African CSOs concerned about ruling on beneficial ownership transparency

– – As European Union and African Union representatives meet on Monday 28 November 2022 to review progress following the EU-AU Summit in February, thirty-two African and European civil society organisations have raised concerns about threats to ground-breaking EU transparency measures which could impact the much that has been achieved to put in place measures to prevent and to combat… Read More
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Ghana’s ruling party MPs protest the rejection of 2022 budget

– – Ghana’s ruling party lawmakers have expressed displeasure at what they call a one-sided rejection of the country’s 2022 Budget and Economic Policy. The Parliament voted against the 2022 Budget on Friday after the majority MPs staged a walkout. They had walked out of the chamber to protest the refusal of the opposition party’s General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia… Read More

How To Talk To Rwandan Rulers: First Flatter Them, And Then Hit Hard With Truth

By: Dr. David Himbara Managing Directors of IMF are supposed to be dull and boring economists obsessed with balancing countries’ books. Not Christine Lagarde. A former finance minister in France, she is a clever political operator. She proved this in her visit to Rwanda, the high mark of which was her speech in Rwandan parliament on January 27, 2015. Her… Read More

As Rwanda Piles Up Yet More Debt, Paul Kagame Is Still Not Telling Full Truth to Investors

By Bosco Mutarambirwa, MBA Due to understandable fear that his dictatorial regime is coming to an end, Paul Kagame is rapidly mortgaging the country to ensure that he’s not the only loser. He wants to force the people of Rwanda to support his ill-conceived plans, or else risk losing their lifetime savings in case the regime collapses. The highly publicized… Read More