How To Talk To Rwandan Rulers: First Flatter Them, And Then Hit Hard With Truth

By: Dr. David Himbara Managing Directors of IMF are supposed to be dull and boring economists obsessed with balancing countries’ books. Not Christine Lagarde. A former finance minister in France, she is a clever political operator. She proved this in her visit to Rwanda, the high mark of which was her speech in Rwandan parliament on January 27, 2015. Her strategy was simple – first flatter the Rwandan rulers and then hit them hard with gospel truth. Take this early praise in her speech: “Today Rwanda can take pride in…

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Rwandan, Burundian and Congolese opposition political parties and civil society organizations operating in the United States of America have pooled their efforts together to denounce Kagame’s visit to the White House.   One may wonder how did this renowned criminal -also known as the African Hitler- end up on the Obama’s guest list. Paul Kagame’s human rights abuses, his dictatorship against the Rwandan people, his criminal record in Rwanda and abroad are not consistent with the American values and ideals.  In many regards, Paul Kagame is worse than Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe…

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Why is Kigali burning?

By: Dr. David Himbara I have been asked by several Facebook friends to comment on Kigali fires but I resisted until now. I initially held back for obvious reason that I would not know the cause. I am thousands of kilometers away, so I have no way of knowing whether these fires are due to accidents or sabotage. Nevertheless, we can comment on what we have observed in the aftermath of these fires that have caused anxiety among the population and untold losses of property, investment and jobs. First, the…

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Rwanda: The Other Face of Kigali

Kigali city is well-known for cleanliness and being well lit at night. Palm trees are ubiquitous on Kigali’s streets. Streets are all paved and strips of lawn in this town is what you see when you visit. Skyscrapers are coming up. The city is home of upscale residences of ministers, diplomats and expatriates. Their mansions have neatly manicured lawns. Serenity describes the atmosphere in the city the best. In Kigali, residents are hygiene conscious and will make sure that they hire the services of private garbage service provider. On the…

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Until the lions can tell their stories, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter

African Expectations by Mafoya Dossoumon

Book Review

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW

If you are looking for fresh new ideas from an emerging energetic leader look no further than African Expectations by Mafoya Dossoumon.

Mr. Dossoumon describes his book, “African Expectations” as a collection of essays about how political, economic, and socio-cultural issues hinder Africa’s development and how the most important factor for this failure is the lack of good leadership. The book offers tentative solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our times based on the author’s worldview and life experiences.


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How to end Rwanda’s PR problem

The time has come for Kigali’s most powerful to make a loud and public cry for security for all Rwandans, even those who are critical of them. As the festive season comes to an end and Valentine’s flowers begin to wither, the year’s first heavy rains have fallen on Kigali. I’ve spent just enough time here to know that the rains say one thing to most Rwandans: April is coming. And along with April comes “kwibuka” (commemoration or remembrance time) when many leave Rwanda but many more stay and join…

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