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Tunisians mark Saied’s two years in power with protests

Hundreds of Tunisians have staged a street protest in the capital, Tunis to mark the second anniversary of President Kais Saied’s seizure of power. They have called for an end to his rule asking for the immediate release of detained opposition leaders. About 300 people gathered on the central Habib Bourguiba Avenue on Tuesday at pro-opposition organized rally. President Saied… Read More
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EU signs agreement with Tunisia to fight illegal migration

The European Union has signed a deal with Tunisia to strategically fight illegal migration. Tunisia has become the main departure point for migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Announcing the deal in Tunis, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen promised increased cooperation on border management and search and rescue operations. Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni said it… Read More
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Plights of African migrants in Tunisia worsen as tensions rise

It all started as a crackdown on African migrants, but it has now degenerated into a major crisis as Tunisia remains resolute in tightening immigration restrictions. Thousands have been forced to flee the racial crackdown, an action that flared up initially after a speech by President Kais Saied last February, where he told security forces to expel all illegal immigrants.… Read More
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Tunisians stage protest against unlawful detentions

Hundreds of Tunisians have hit the streets to protest against the detention of some 20 opponents of President Kais Saied. The demonstrators numbering about 300 waved Tunisian flags and carried signs with the images of detainees at the rally. The protest was organised organised by the main opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front. Since early February, authorities in the North African country… Read More
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African migrants flee Tunisia amid racial crackdown

Several African migrants have fled racial crackdown in Tunisia, an action that flared up after a speech by President Kais Saied. In the said statement last month, the president told security forces to expel all illegal immigrants. President Saied in that speech called migration a conspiracy to change Tunisia’s demographics by making it more African and less Arab. The African Union… Read More
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World Cup 2022: Tunisia risk possible ban from finals in Qatar

– – Tunisia could be excluded from next month’s World Cup in Qatar if the country’s government interferes in footballing matters, world governing body Fifa has warned. Fifa’s member federations must be free from legal and political interference. The warning comes after repeated comments from Tunisia’s Youth and Sports Minister, Kamel Deguiche, about the possibility of “dissolving federal bureaux”. Fifa… Read More
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At least 43 migrants drown after boat sinks off Tunisia

Those rescued, off the Tunisian fishing port of Zarzis, were aged between three and 40, Tunisia’s defence ministry said. – – The nationalities of the rescued include 46 Sudanese nationals, 16 Eritreans, 12 Bangladeshis and five from Egypt. North Africa remains a key transit point for migrants from many countries hoping to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. Libya has been… Read More
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Tunisia: Over 600 people arrested as protesters clash with police

– – Police in Tunisia have arrested more than 600 people as violent protesters returned to the streets for the fourth consecutive night. On Monday, thousands of the protesters gathered in the centre of the capital, Tunis, throwing stones and petrol bombs at police. The police fired tear gas and water cannon to quell the violent protests. Outside Tunis, clashes were also reported… Read More
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Covid-19: Tunisia orders nationwide lockdown to prevent spread

– – Tunisia’s government has ordered a four-day nationwide lockdown effective Thursday in an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Health Minister Faouzi Mehdi told reporters that new measures will cover extending the night curfew from 1700GMT to 0500GMT. Schools will also be closed from Wednesday until 24 January, according to the government. The country has confirmed over 160,000… Read More
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Dozens killed after bus fell off cliff in Tunisia

Tunisian officials have said that at least 26 people were killed and 18 more injured when a bus fell off a cliff on Sunday. The bus fell into a ravine in the country’s north, while heading from Tunis to the picturesque mountain town of Ain Draham. The mountain town, near the Algerian border is well known as a popular autumn… Read More