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Floods kill 9, displace hundreds in Ghana

– – At least 9 people have been killed by floods in Ghana’s North East Region. Three girls aged between 16 and 20 drowned in the Kanufor community in the Chereponi district while washing their clothes in the Lamm River. Local media reports say they drowned when they attempted to swim. In a statement the Ghana Disaster Management Organization (NADM0) confirmed the latest incident. “They were four but one of them managed to run out of the water. Their bodies have been found and arrangements are being are on the way for…

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UN says 6 million people affected by flooding in East Africa

– – Nearly six million people have been affected by flooding this year in East Africa. Data from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said 1.5 million people have been displaced by the floods. The number of people affected has increased more than five-fold in four years. The number has gone up from 1.1 million in 2016 to nearly six million so far this year. There are fears that the situation will worsen when the short rains peak in November to hit most countries in the region. –…

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Death toll from Kenya’s deadly landslide rises to 52

The death toll from last week’s deadly landslide in northwestern Kenya has now risen to at least 52, according to officials. Dozens more are also reported missing in West Pokot following days of rains that caused flooding and mudslides, sweeping away bridges and cutting off communities like Muino. West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo told journalists on Monday that search and rescue operations are still underway. He said efforts to find and pull more bodies out of mud have been hampered due to destruction to roads. According to Lonyangapuo 22,000 homesteads and between…

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Floods kill at least 20 in Ghana after heavy rains

At least 20 people have been killed by floods in Ghana’s Upper East region following hours of heavy rains. Disaster management officials say over 200 houses have been destroyed with hundreds now displaced and without aid. A senior local official, David Mbah told local radio station Joy FM that “We still need the support of government and other NGOs and benevolent organisations that can help support us give relief to victims of this disaster.” Some communities in the region have also been cut off from others due to collapsed bridges…

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Kenya: Floods kill six at Hell’s Gate park, one still missing

Kenyan Flash Wildlife Service (KWS) officials have announced the death of at least six people at Kenya’s Hell’s Gate National Park. They were killed by flash floods with officials still searching for one other person reported missing. Six members of a tour group were swept away according to KWS officials alongside a tour guide. Officials said “The victims are five Kenyans, local tourist guide and a non-resident (foreigner).” The incident occurred on Sunday in the Rift Valley, some 69 km north west of the capital, Nairobi. On it’s twitter account,…

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Sierra Leone: Floods kill 7, over 8,000 rendered homeless

Disaster Management Officials in Sierra Leone have confirmed the death of at least seven people due to flooding. Over 8,000 people are also known to have been rendered homeless after torrential rain resulting in massive floods. Some areas of the country especially the capital, Freetown have been completely over run by water with many property washed away by flood waters. Some government agencies have been forced to shut down due to the rain and accompanied flood waters. John Vandy, director of the Disaster Management Office in the National Security Office…

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Heavy Floods across Malawi have caused many to be displaced, Emergency help needed for many

The areas that were once affected and assessed by some members of the District Civil Protection Committee as led by the District Commissioner, indicated a total of 301 households affected so far by 6th January, 2015.

The households affected are from GVH Medrum under T/A Mulilima, GVH Nkhwazi under Senior Chief Ngabu, GVH M’bande under T/A Maseya, GVH Mafale, and GVH Chipakuza under the area of Paramount Chief Lundu.

However, the figures continued to rise for GVH Sekeni and GVH Chipakuza in Lundu’s area, Plus that from GVH Nkhwazi in Ngabu’s area. More similar reports were noted whereby other new villages from the mentioned T/As above got equally affected. For instance GVH Mzangaya in Ngabu area has also been hit by floods and the people of the area are displaced at the moment.

Meanwhile, education has temporarily been disrupted at Sekeni primary school.

Red Cross has so far provided the victims with 15 tents, with a call from the district council for urgent relief food items to assist the people.

The District Commissioner further said is optimistic to receive food aid and shelter possibly from department of disaster, Illovo sugar company, World vision Malawi among others.

And in a related development in Salima an estimated 40 hectares of crops have been destroyed by excessive rain in the area of Group Village Headman Mtonga in Senior Chief Kalonga.

According to Assistant District Disaster Officer (ADDO) Blessings Kamtema the damage came after the excessive rains on Tuesday afternoon.

Kamtema said that assessment made on Wednesday morning has shown that there were no deaths or injury to persons.

“However there were a few houses that were flooded as a result of the rains and about 17 persons slept at Kaphatenga Primary school as their houses were inhabitable,” said Kamtema.

Agriculture Extension Development Officer (AEDO) for the area Robert Baye said that the area received 115mm of rain in less than two hours.

“The amount of rain was so huge to come at once in normal cases that rain is supposed to fall in two days, that is why it resulted in floods that destroyed the crops and some houses,” said Baye.

Baye further said that the crops damaged include maize, cotton and ground nuts.

Heavy Rains in Malawi“In some areas the crops were completed damaged and the famers will need to replant,” said Baye.

On the way forward Kamtema said that the council and other well wishers will respond after they get the report of the assessment.

“The assessment team has recommended that houses that are partially damaged should not be occupied for some time as the risk of another flood is very eminent. It also recommended that shelter should be provided for the six families and seed for replanting should be made available as soon as possible,” said Kamtema.


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