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TOP 5 water storage containers to keep in case of emergency

– – Water is a necessity for life. There are many other times when one overlooks this issue due to the belief that we have an inexhaustible water supply of water. The truth is, no matter how abundant water reserves may be, having access to potable water is becoming more and more challenging over time. It is imperative that we have constant access to water, therefore water is an everyday necessity. This is what you should put your money, time, and effort into to protect yourself with: Store water in…

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Water in Lake Malawi turns green

– – The water in Lake Malawi has turned green in a rare phenomenon that has raised concerns among citizens. Authorities in the country have explained that the greening of the water was caused by a bloom in toxic algae. Forestry and Natural Resources Minister Nancy Tembo said that occurred after heavy rains and wind mixed up the nutrients found at the bottom of the lake. She said the lake had become eutrophic – a condition where aquatic life begin to die off as oxygen levels reduce. The minister has…

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