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Tanzania: Water rationing begins due to drought

– – Tanzanian authorities have started rationing water in the economic capital Dar es Salaam due to prevailing drought. The rationing which started on Thursday was after water levels dropped in its main source, the Ruvu River, dried up. Residents in the city have been struggling to access water and would now be without running water for 24 hours on… Read More
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Africa’s push for systems change to achieve clean water and sanitation

– – The Government of Ghana, IRC and UNICEF are challenging systems thinkers and public experts to advance a strong and clear agenda for system strengthening if African governments are to achieve and sustain the ambitious targets for water, sanitation and hygiene services for all by 2030. In March 2000, African leaders signed up to the vision of an Africa… Read More
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Ghana: Hundreds displaced by flood water

– – Hundreds of people have been displaced in Ghana’s capital Accra after torrential rains continue to wreck havoc in parts of the country. The rains have increased the water level in the Weija Dam which is the main water treatment plant in the capital. The dam is currently at a level of 49.5 feet as against the maximum operating… Read More
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TOP 5 water storage containers to keep in case of emergency

– – Water is a necessity for life. There are many other times when one overlooks this issue due to the belief that we have an inexhaustible water supply of water. The truth is, no matter how abundant water reserves may be, having access to potable water is becoming more and more challenging over time. It is imperative that we… Read More
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Water in Lake Malawi turns green

– – The water in Lake Malawi has turned green in a rare phenomenon that has raised concerns among citizens. Authorities in the country have explained that the greening of the water was caused by a bloom in toxic algae. Forestry and Natural Resources Minister Nancy Tembo said that occurred after heavy rains and wind mixed up the nutrients found… Read More