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Floods kill at least 20 in Ghana after heavy rains

At least 20 people have been killed by floods in Ghana’s Upper East region following hours of heavy rains.

Disaster management officials say over 200 houses have been destroyed with hundreds now displaced and without aid.

A senior local official, David Mbah told local radio station Joy FM that “We still need the support of government and other NGOs and benevolent organisations that can help support us give relief to victims of this disaster.”

Some communities in the region have also been cut off from others due to collapsed bridges that link them.

Many have been trapped, according to officials in the region.

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With rains still expected, disaster management officials have now asked people to move to higher grounds in to avoid the impact of floods.

There are also reports of hundreds also being displaced in the western part of the country also as a result of flooding from heavy rains.


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