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Liberia ranks topmost globally in helping strangers

Liberia has emerged top when it comes to countries around the world that help strangers.

The West African nation that is struggling to rebuild its economy came on top in the category of helping strangers in the latest World Giving Index, an annual ranking of people’s generosity.

The index showed that helping strangers which is a component of the overall generosity rankings is something Liberia is good at.

Charities Aid Foundation, a UK-based group that developed the index was rating countries based on their level of generosity.

The group looked at how much money people donate to charity and how much time people give to volunteering.

Liberia came on top when it comes helping stranger but placed 17th in the overall rankings for generosity after a 10-year study that surveyed 1.3 million people across the globe.

Kenya however ranked as the most generous country in Africa and the 11th most generous in the world.

The United States of America was ranked the world’s most generous country over the last 10 years.

But another super power, China had the lowest Index score over the 10 years and in fact is the only country that appears in the bottom.

Most African countries performed well when it came to helping strangers although did not place higher in the overall rankings.

There were seven African countries including Liberia in the top 10 in that category of helping strangers.

Liberia (first), Sierra Leone (second), Kenya (fourth), Zambia (fifth), Uganda (sixth), Nigeria (seventh) and Malawi (joint 10th).


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