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Floods kill 9, displace hundreds in Ghana

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At least 9 people have been killed by floods in Ghana’s North East Region.

Three girls aged between 16 and 20 drowned in the Kanufor community in the Chereponi district while washing their clothes in the Lamm River.

Local media reports say they drowned when they attempted to swim.

In a statement the Ghana Disaster Management Organization (NADM0) confirmed the latest incident.

“They were four but one of them managed to run out of the water. Their bodies have been found and arrangements are being are on the way for their burial”, it said.

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The development follows an incident in which a woman and her granddaughter drowned in the Bunkpurugu district following a farming activity.

The two reportedly attempted to cross a river after torrential rains. NADMO officials have retrieved their bodies for burial.

Another farmer also drowned whilst using a canoe to cross a river after farming.

There are fears that the situation will worsen as authorities in neighbouring Burkina Faso spill excess water from the Bagre dam.

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In previous years, the spillage from the dam has led to loss of lives and destruction of property.

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