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Juju preaches Cohesion and Steady Transformation plus endorsing President Paul Kagame’s re-election bid.

Campaign songs have become effective tools to sway and win national elections. In Africa, most presidential candidates rely on music to excite and influence potential voters. Many such songs are commissioned/paid for by the politicians and their teams. However some campaign songs are ‘voluntarily composed by artistes’, with politicians eventually embracing and incorporating them onto their campaigns. Musicians that involve… Read More

Four Rwandan Generals Arrested on False Charges

FDU-INKINGI and RNC Statement on the suspension, arrest and detention of Senior Military Officers of Rwanda Defence Forces   Press Release 20th January 2012 Three Rwandan generals and a colonel were suspended from duty and placed under house arrest on 17 January 2012. The defence spokesman, Colonel Joseph Nzabamwita, confirmed the suspensions, arrests and detentions of Lieutenant General Fred Ibingira… Read More

Rwanda Dissident Colonel Spills Kagame Secrets

A prominant Rwandan journalist said that ,”Mr. Patrick Karegeya gives a good insight of issues in Rwanda in an interview with the RED PEPPER, a Uganda-based-daily publication. He talks about despotism, personalization of state affairs-like institutions of the state, insensitivity, perpetuation of clientelism in public administration, a lack of genuine reconciliation, rigging of elections, human rights violations, terrorizing the population… Read More