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Zimbabwe: Chaos at opposition party rally turns deadly

– – A chaotic scene at an opposition party rally in Kwekwe, central Zimbabwe, on Sunday turned deadly with reports of at least one death. Local media also reported of some 10 others sustaining injuries in skirmishes at an rally ground. The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters were reportedly attacked by a group of men armed with spears, machetes,… Read More
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Comrade Mugabe defiant to the bitter end ‘I will not step down’

Comrade Robert Mugabe defiantly has refused to resign after meeting generals who have seized control of the country. In talks in Harare on Thursday which came after soldiers this week put Robert Mugabe under house arrest, took over state TV and blockaded main roads in a stunning turnaround for the 93-year-old leader who has ruled the country with an iron… Read More