French journalist Camille Lepage killed in CAR

Ms Lepage had been working in CAR for several months French photojournalist Camille Lepage has been murdered while working in the Central African Republic, presidential officials in Paris say. The body of Ms Lepage, 26, was found when a French patrol stopped a car driven by Christian anti-balaka militia in the Bouar region, a statement said. She had reportedly been travelling near the CAR border with Cameroon when she became caught up in fighting. Camille Lepage’s work has been widely published, including by the BBC. She had also worked for…

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Central African Republic needs international help

By Dieudonné Nzapalainga and Omar Kabine Layama, Published: December 27 Dieudonné Nzapalainga is the Roman Catholic archbishop of Bangui. Omar Kabine Layama is imam and president of the Central African Republic Islamic Community. As many participate in religious celebrations at this time of the year, our country, the Central African Republic, remains on the brink of religious warfare. In a place that most of the world struggles to find on a map, more than 2 million people, nearly half of the nation’spopulation, are in desperate need of aid. As we write, approximately 40,000 people without shelter or toilets are…

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Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive

American Bombs and Destruction they causeThe US and its Allies are Positioned to “Take” Much of the Continent

As the U.S. and its NATO allies move southward to further consolidate their grip on Africa, following the seizure of Libya and its vast oil fields, most of the continent’s leadership seems to welcome re-absorption into empire. “Africa is the most vulnerable region in America’s warpath, a continent ripe for the plucking due to the multitudinous entanglements of Africa’s political and military classes with imperialism.” AFRICOM is already in the cat-bird seat, placed there by Africans, themselves.


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