Zimbabwe tops Africa’s literacy rate as Malawi trails at position 28

Robert Mugabe

 BLANTYREMalawi has been ranked 28 on the literacy rate record in Africa whereas Zimbabwe has for the third consecutive time been ranked at the apex of the list, the latest list by the African Economist Magazine reveals.

Malawi is on position 28 with 62.7 percent, 30 percent behind Zimbabwe which has 90.7 percent.

Education activists in the country have attributed the downfall to lack of qualified teachers and teaching and learning resources in most of the schools in the country.

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Nigerian President Overhauls Military Leadership

Nigerian President Goodluck JonathanNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has replaced his chief of defense and the heads of the country’s army, navy and air force.
A statement Thursday gave no reason for the sweeping overhaul.

The move comes as Nigeria struggles with a four-and-a-half-year insurgency by the militant group Boko Haram. A bombing Tuesday in the group’s home city of Maiduguri killed at least 43 people.

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Rwanda: President Paul Kagame’s Christmas and New Year Message

President Paul Kagame of RwandaPresident Paul Kagame gave a Christmas and New Year Message to the Rwanda Defence Forces and the Rwanda National Police.

Full message is below.

On behalf of the Government of Rwanda and on my own behalf and my family, I wish all of you officers, men and women of our Armed Forces and your families, a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2014.

The ending year has been yet another time of distinguished service to the people of Rwanda and our Nation’s interests. Each of you servicemen and women effectively contributed, through your collective work, to delivering the peace and safety Rwandans, residents and foreign guests have continued to enjoy within our national borders. The people of Rwanda are grateful for your selfless service, sacrifices and continued commitment.

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My list of great men every African should know about

Nelson Mandela and Paul KagameThat’s bein’ a man,” Socco said. “Pain in your heart and your dreams – that’s the test of a man. If you can live life day after day with men treatin’ you like a dog but you never bark or howl, cower or beg – if you can be a human being when they want you to be an animal – that’s got man all ovah it.” From Walter Mosley’s The Right Mistake.

My spirit has been bruised, my soul has been weary, listening to the backlash against women in a country with so high a literacy rate as Kenya. We have goons in parliament sucking this country dry and leaving our economy too weak to create employment, stirring up hatred just so that they can get into power, flooding our country with drugs and destroying our young men and women, but in the midst of all that, some Kenyans will still say that the problem facing young men is women activists for the girl child. And no matter how much I point out how absurd that statement is, people still focus on the activists. They say that there’s no one to mentor the boys, but if you ask them whether the women activists should mentor the boys, you are met with silence.


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