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Religion And Contempt For Humanity By Leo Igwe

While there has been so much emphasis on how religion is a resource for human nourishment and enrichment, there has been limited conversation on the harmful and deleterious effect of religion on human beings. Religion has notedly inspired acts of love, kindness, compassion, and fellow feeling. Religion has motivated people to do so much good and render selfless services to other humans. At the same time, religion has been a force of unimaginable evil and harm. Faith in God(Allah) has compelled human beings to abuse, kill, kidnap, pillage, and destroy…

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Improving your Cybersecurity as a Journalist

Cybersecurity can be described as a process by which we improve the safety of information on our devices. The internet is a very useful tool that has disrupted several sectors of various economies in the world. However, despite the increased convenience the World Wide Web introduces, it comes with its own risks. These risks include cybercriminals that work around the clock, attempting to find new ways to breach security on our devices. Why Your Devices need to be Secure As a journalist, you need to ensure the information you get…

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Nimi Princewill Authors 

Nimi Princewill

Nimi Princewill is a Nigerian writer, poet and social reformer. He’s very passionate about social reformation and the political development of Africa. He’s most notable for his unconventional opinions on issues that cut across religion, sports, social lifestyle and politics. He tweets: @princewill_nimi Email: Facebook: Follow Read More article from Nimi Princewill

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Jennifer Fierberg Authors 

Jennifer Fierberg

Internet and Media Maven…working to inform, advocate and promote for causes in Central Africa. Having started out as a UN Volunteer many years ago in the media sector I was exposed to the human rights abuses that are rampant in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and have taken this information into internet and social media in order to expose and educate the greater public. Skilled in print and radio interviews, press release publication, intensive research skills and all around comprehensive journalist. I have also edited many books, both fiction…

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Rwanda: President Paul Kagame’s Christmas and New Year Message

President Paul Kagame of RwandaPresident Paul Kagame gave a Christmas and New Year Message to the Rwanda Defence Forces and the Rwanda National Police.

Full message is below.

On behalf of the Government of Rwanda and on my own behalf and my family, I wish all of you officers, men and women of our Armed Forces and your families, a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2014.

The ending year has been yet another time of distinguished service to the people of Rwanda and our Nation’s interests. Each of you servicemen and women effectively contributed, through your collective work, to delivering the peace and safety Rwandans, residents and foreign guests have continued to enjoy within our national borders. The people of Rwanda are grateful for your selfless service, sacrifices and continued commitment.

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