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Religion And Contempt For Humanity By Leo Igwe

While there has been so much emphasis on how religion is a resource for human nourishment and enrichment, there has been limited conversation on the harmful and deleterious effect of religion on human beings. Religion has notedly inspired acts of love, kindness, compassion, and fellow feeling. Religion has motivated people to do so much good and render selfless services to… Read More
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COVID-19: Common Sense Religion and Amnesia Concerning Afterlife

You may be wondering if a common-sense religion has a place for an afterlife. That is indeed a valid concern because life is a key element in the religious enterprise. In fact without life, human life, there is no religion, whether in the common or uncommon sense. Life is central to religious teachings and positions. Afterlife has been an exclusive… Read More
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Invisibility of Atheism: Exploring the Phenomenon of Worldly Religion in Africa

Atheism is a term that is not often associated with Africa and Africans. Studies have rather linked both ancient and modern Africa to religion and theism. The overwhelming impression is that Africans are hard-wired to mystical thinking and magic. In fact, a scholar of religion, John Mbiti, described Africans as notoriously religious. Of course, many events that take place in… Read More