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Why Patrice Lumumba’s tooth is yet to return to DR Congo

In September 2020, the family of the Congolese independence hero Patrice Lumumba received news of taking in the tooth taken from his corpse. A court in Belgium had ruled that the tooth should be returned to Lumumba’s family. Lumumba’s tooth was believed to have been taken by a Belgian policeman who was helping to dispose of the body. The tooth was seized by authorities in 2016 as part of an investigation by federal public prosecutors on Lumumba’s death. The court in Belgium said that the tooth should be given to Lumumba’s…

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My list of great men every African should know about

Nelson Mandela and Paul KagameThat’s bein’ a man,” Socco said. “Pain in your heart and your dreams – that’s the test of a man. If you can live life day after day with men treatin’ you like a dog but you never bark or howl, cower or beg – if you can be a human being when they want you to be an animal – that’s got man all ovah it.” From Walter Mosley’s The Right Mistake.

My spirit has been bruised, my soul has been weary, listening to the backlash against women in a country with so high a literacy rate as Kenya. We have goons in parliament sucking this country dry and leaving our economy too weak to create employment, stirring up hatred just so that they can get into power, flooding our country with drugs and destroying our young men and women, but in the midst of all that, some Kenyans will still say that the problem facing young men is women activists for the girl child. And no matter how much I point out how absurd that statement is, people still focus on the activists. They say that there’s no one to mentor the boys, but if you ask them whether the women activists should mentor the boys, you are met with silence.


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