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Green Lifestyle Festival Eswatini’s New Eco-friendly Party!

Eswatini (Swaziland) is well known for its colourful and vibrant festivals, both traditional and modern, from the Umhlanga Reed Dance to MTN Bushfire. If there is anywhere in Africa that knows how to throw a proper party, it’s Eswatini! But now, a new festival in this small but perfectly formed Kingdom is going one step further. As well as the usual once-in-a-lifetime performances to enjoy, the Green Lifestyle Festival is focussed on having absolutely minimal environmental impact. Festival organisers are pioneering the following eco-friendly initiatives:

  • The Green Lifestyle Festival will be a plastic -free event.
  • Every plate, fork, spoon, knife and cup used at the Festival should be 100% biodegradable and will be collected with all food scraps to be composted
  • Attendees encouraged to cycle, walk, carpool or take public transport to the event. (with prizes for those making most effort!)
  • Everything that can be recycled at the event will be recycled.
  • All Green Lifestyle collateral will be made with recyclable materials.
  • Event signs will all be designed with reuse in mind.
  • Attendees encouraged to bring their own reusable beverage containers own utensils, camp chairs and picnic baskets to the event.
  • Only event suppliers that offer green alternatives will be worked with.
  • The Green Lifestyle Festival will take place in a venue recognised for its energy efficiency and conservation practices – Legends BackPackers.
  • Green Life Festival exhibitors will all be screened for their commitment to sustainable business practices. Only exhibitors with an established green offering will be given space to showcase at the event.
  • Performances will be during the day to minimise electricity use for lighting.

Large events consume large amounts of energy to accommodate event needs, such as food and beverage vending, music, lighting, audio visual equipment, transportation of goods and people and so on. The Green Lifestyle Festival, will examine all energy and other needs and ask the question, “How can we minimise our consumption, or make it as clean as possible?”

As well as being run on eco-friendly principals, the Festival will encourage awareness and social action for the protection of the environment. The performers will be exceptional Swazi artists who care about the environment and look to inspire young people to remain true to their heritage. The inaugural event will be headlined by ‘Tigi’ hitmaker Sands. Other confirmed local acts include: KrTC, Mozaik, Nduduzo Matse, Velemseni, Nomalungelo, Ziyawa kaZitha, +268 and Mistosoul.

Music can play an important role raising awareness on social and environmental matters according to co-founder Melusi Zox Dlamini:

“The earth is our home so we were basically inspired by the need to play our part as creatives to save our earth,” he said. “We believe in the power of music to create environmental action. Our main objective with the festival is to create a marketplace for eco businesses to showcase green products and, as such, stimulate concert goers, music lovers and other businesses to work green, play green and live green. We were inspired by the need to influence young people to be more conscious and aware about environmental issues. Fashion is also at the centre of popular culture right now and we have engaged a fashion consultant to advise us as well as festival goers on greener fashion options for the festival. By encouraging green living we hope to make our Kingdom safer, cleaner, and promote a better life for everyone. We are confident that our holistic approach will reach thousands of Swazis and inspire the youth into following green careers.”

The inaugural Green Lifestyle Festival was launched on World Environment Day and will take place on 31 August 2019 at Legends Backpackers Lodge in Eswatini’s famed Ezulwini Valley.

Tickets are priced at E100 for advance sales, with at the gate tickets at E150. Various outlets are selling tickets in Eswatini. See below for more information.

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