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Senegal’s government dissolved by the President

– – Senegalese President Macky Sall has dissolved his government, the presidency has said in a statement. President Sall according to the statement signed four decrees to dissolve the government which had 32 ministers and three state secretaries. The statement did not give any reason for the dissolution but speculations are rife that a  new cabinet will be formed soon. “While awaiting the putting in place of a new government, outgoing ministers and secretaries of state are charged with carrying out their ongoing affairs,” the statement read. — Présidence…

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Rwanda-SA diplomatic stand-off enters fifth day

Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Picture: GETTY IMAGES/CHRIS JACKSON   THE US on Monday urged Rwanda to leave exiled opponents in peace as a diplomatic stand-off about attacks on Rwandese in South Africa went into a fifth day. South Africa’s cluster of security ministers was understood to have met for several hours on Monday to weigh a measured response to the virtual breakdown of relations with Rwanda. “Efforts to silence dissidents run counter to Rwanda’s democratic development,” said Jack Hillmeyer, the US embassy spokesman in Pretoria. “We urge the government of…

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President Kagame imprisoning students

Open Letter addressed to President Paul Kagame demanding immediate release of Jean Baptiste ICYITONDERWA and stop terrorist acts against leaders of Rwandan students Jean Baptiste Icyitonderwa: one of the four who are still detained by the police and whose head has been seriously injured by the beating according to sources in Kigali. With his colleague Emmanuel Ntakirutimana, they are in a very critical condition. Kigali – RWANDA24th February 2014 HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF RWANDA We address you this open letter as representatives of the Rwanda Youth For Leadership and…

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Malawi president appoints new Cabinet

BLANTYRE, Malawi (AP) – Malawi’s president has appointed a new Cabinet that includes replacements for the finance and justice ministers, amid allegations of high-level corruption in one of Africa’s poorest countries. President Joyce Banda sacked her previous Cabinet last week. The government overhaul follows the Sept. 13 shooting of Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, who is believed to have been targeted because of his efforts to stop graft. He was taken to South Africa for treatment. In appointments announced Tuesday, Maxwell Mkwezalamba, a former commissioner at the African Union Commission in…

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Whose Government Is It Anyway

 By Deo Lukyamuzi Abraham Lincoln, American 16th President is credited with what has become a universally famous quote, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. He coined these wise words during a brief speech he made at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, in honour of the fallen soldiers of the American Civil war. Many people around the world yearn for such government that dedicates itself to public service. No government in the world is able to achieve perfect scores in terms of fulfilling its people’s aspirations because people do not…

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The Rwandan Government: When the tree falls, birds are in misery

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW In the small country of Rwanda buried deep in the heart of Africa continues to make loud noises despite their assumed desire to keep things quiet and inconspicuous.  Within this small country lies a government that oppresses its own people through intimidation, lack of open political space and fear to speak honestly and openly about the government in personal circles as well as in the press. In the larger city of Kigali, the Capitol of Rwanda, there is much development and financial progress since the 1994…

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Just How Important is the Rule of Law in DRC Elections?

In Roughly 60 Days one of the most crucial elections in Africa will take place in Central Africa. These Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be seen as leading into a point of Transition that has implications both within the Country and the Region as well. The Main Implication within the large country is not only how the Rule of Law will be followed but also how will it be both protected and enforced. In layman’s terms Rule of Law means that the Government will be set up with…

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Ethiopian opposition leaders detained after meeting with Amnesty International



31 August 2011

Two Ethiopian opposition leaders have been arrested after meeting an Amnesty International delegation, which was afterwards expelled from the country, the organization said today.

One of the men was accused of terror-related offences, while the charges against the other man are not known.


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