Whose Government Is It Anyway

 By Deo Lukyamuzi Abraham Lincoln, American 16th President is credited with what has become a universally famous quote, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. He coined these wise words during a brief speech he made at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, in honour of the fallen soldiers of the American Civil war. Many people around the world yearn for such government that dedicates itself to public service. No government in the world is able to achieve perfect scores in terms of fulfilling its people’s aspirations because people do not…

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“Freedom lies in being bold”

Deo and Jennifer By: Jennifer Fierberg with Deo Lukyamuzi

In an interview with Deo Lukyamuzi, Commissioner for External Relations for one faction of the FDU-INKINGI, he reveals his parties plans for a free and peaceful Rwanda as well as the role of Victoire Ingabire who went to Rwanda in 2010 ahead of the presidential election in order to register their party and run for President. Mr. Lukyamuzi candidly answered all questions this journalist asked without exception.


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