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Millions of internet users in Africa facing phishing attacks

Kaspersky’s anti-phishing system prevented more than 500 million attempts at accessing fraudulent websites globally in 2022. This is twice more compared to 2021 figures. In Africa, 8.7% of individuals and corporate users were affected by phishing: attacks on their devices were detected and stopped. In South Africa, the share of users affected by phishing stands at 9.7%, followed by Kenya at… Read More
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7 Empowering steps to make the internet better

7th February is 20th year of Safer Internet Day (SID). The Centre in Ghana and partners across the globe have undertaken a series of initiatives to make the internet a better place for people across Africa, especially children and young people. Child Online Africa has partnered with some public sector agencies, private sector, Unions and non-governmental organizations across Ghana and… Read More
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Importance of Protecting Yourself Against Hackers

– – It seems like every day we hear about another company that has been hacked. The Target breach, the Sony hack, and the Ashley Madison leak are just a few examples of high-profile hacks that made the news. If you’re like most people, you probably think that those kinds of things could never happen to your business. But the… Read More
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African activists push for better and safer usage of the internet

– – African activists are pushing for a better and safer usage of the internet across the continent with the hope that it will impact users tremendously. These activists stressed the need for African governments to roll out measures that prioritize even more importantly children who use the internet. A virtual forum was held on On Tuesday February 8 as… Read More
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Africa Safer Internet Day for 2022 launched

– – The 2022 commemoration of the Africa Safer Internet has been launched with several activities expected to take place in Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria. According to conveners of the annual event, on Safer Internet Day, millions of people join forces “Together for a better internet” to inspire positive change online, raise awareness of online… Read More
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Ugandans paying new tax for using the internet

– – Ugandans are now paying a new tax rate for using the internet as the government rolls out a 12% excise duty on mobile data. The new tax regime covering data usage popular referred to as ”social media tax” took effect from Thursday. When news first broke about this social media tax, it sparked protests in Uganda in 2018.… Read More
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Internet shutdown in Republic of Congo as voters elect a president

– – The internet has been shutdown on the day of voting in the Republic of Congo as voters choose a new president. Citizens can’t go online, send messages and make calls all in an attempt to prevent expression of opinions on the conduct of the polls via online. ⚠️ Confirmed: Internet has been shut down in the Republic of… Read More
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Child Online Africa founder honored for humanitarian services

– – The founder of Child Online Africa, a pan-African non-profit organization fighting for the safety of children online, Awo Aidam Amenyah has been honored for her humanitarian services. At a Humanitarian awards event in Ghana’s capital Accra, a citation was read on her honor for fighting for the rights of children and pushing for a safer environment for them… Read More
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Ghanaians are angry for paying too much for mobile data

Ghanaians are outraged by a sudden surge in mobile data rates this month from major telecom companies like MTN, operating in the West African nation. With latest introduced rates, consumers of companies like MTN will have to pay almost $4 for 1G of mobile data. In a country where incomes or earnings of ordinary people are very low, that is… Read More
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Ghana: Resorting to handshake for Child Online Safety

Every year, 1 billion children continue to be exposed to violence and more than 200 million of these children are sexually abused and exploited. This means that close to 50% of all children are victims of violence, yet unfortunately this issue remains a hidden global epidemic. Increasingly much of this sexual abuse takes place online or is captured and digitally… Read More