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Ugandans paying new tax for using the internet

– – Ugandans are now paying a new tax rate for using the internet as the government rolls out a 12% excise duty on mobile data. The new tax regime covering data usage popular referred to as ”social media tax” took effect from Thursday. When news first broke about this social media tax, it sparked protests in Uganda in 2018. The new tax was then introduced this year through an amendment by parliament with critics saying the newly introduced tax is impacting negatively on the youth, many of whom are…

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Nigeria: Couples suspend planned marriages over wedding tax

Several couples in the Nigerian state of Kano have halted their plans of getting married following the imposition of a wedding tax. The tax imposed by the chief of the Kera village some four months ago requires grooms to pay 137,000 naira ($377, £294). Prior to the imposition of the wedding tax grooms were required to provide furniture and kitchen ware to the bride’s family when they get married. Reports say there has not been a single wedding ceremony in a village in the Kano state since the tax was…

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Ghana to offer Volkswagen, Nissan 10-year tax break

Ghana wants to offer car making companies Volkswagen and Nissan tax breaks of up to 10 years. The move according to the government is intended to attract such automakers to the West African economy. Setting up local manufacturing plants in Ghana, according to the government should grow its economy and create jobs. Last year German car-maker, Volkswagen announced plans to establish an assembling plant in Ghana. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the revelation during her trip to the West African nation in September last year. Angela Merkel, said the assembling…

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